Bachelor Nation stars clap back after being criticized for commenting on the current season of The Bachelor

Jessenia Cruz
Tammy Ly, Jessenia Cruz, and Connor Brennan react to their haters. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation alums have been weighing in with their thoughts on this current season of The Bachelor, and it seems they’re receiving flak for commenting on the show.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 stars Tammy Ly, Jessenia Cruz, and Connor Brennan took to social media to air out their frustrations with people hating on them for reacting to Clayton Echard’s season and accusing them of attempting to stay relevant. 

Tammy Ly laughs about upsetting Bachelor Nation fans 

Tammy Ly has been one of the more consistent commenters on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor as she has appeared to root both for and against certain women on the show. 

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Tammy recently took to Twitter to comment on reactions to her comments and revealed that she finds humor in the fact that she’s upset some Bachelor Nation fans. 

Tammy’s tweet read, “It makes me laugh that Bach fans get upset when past cast comments on new cast IG. Am I not allowed to support the ppl I like just like you do?”

Tammy Ly tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Connor Brennan and Jessenia Cruz call out hateful comments 

Tammy’s tweet resonated with her Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costars Connor Brennan and Jessenia Cruz, who both left comments under Tammy’s post. 

Connor added that fans often interpret past cast’s interaction with the show to be a desperate attempt to stay relevant. 

Connor wrote, “or the ‘stop trying to stay relevant’ stfu and let me live ??” 

Tammy replied to Connor’s comment by suggesting that their online haters need both a job and an exorcism. 

Tammy wrote, “These ppl who spend so much energy hating on ppl they don’t know need a job. Or an exorcism. Or both lol.” 

Jessenia also chimed in and noted the irony that some viewers can feel annoyed with the alum for commenting on the show while at the same time commenting their own “unwarranted” hateful comments on the show. 

Jessenia commented, “Or would they prefer we leave unwarranted hate comments like they do?” 

Tammy expressed agreement, replying, “EXACTLY!! I’m dying haha.”

Tammy Ly comment section
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

It seems that despite the hate and irritation of some viewers, Tammy, Jessenia, and Connor are undeterred and will likely continue to freely express their thoughts and interact with members from various seasons of the franchise. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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