Bachelor Nation star Rick Leach reacts to Clayton Echard ‘playing victim’ during fantasy suites

Rick Leach
Rick Leach was shocked by former costar Clayton Echard’s behavior on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s recent actions on The Bachelor have stirred up tons of reactions from viewers and Bachelor Nation stars, including Clayton’s former costar Rick Leach.

Rick and Clayton both competed on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, and now Rick has tuned in to The Bachelor to keep up with Clayton’s journey of finding love. 

Like many Bachelor Nation stars, Rick appeared shocked and disappointed by how Clayton handled himself during his confrontation with finalist Susie Evans.

Rick Leach calls Clayton Echard out for ‘playing victim’ 

Rick Leach took to his Instagram stories to share a photo of his reaction to Clayton Echard’s behavior during fantasy suites.

Rick looks directly at the camera with wide concerned eyes in the photo. 

Rick gave his assessment of Clayton’s manipulative behavior along with the photo, writing, “Clayton playing victim is outrageous btw this is my reaction…on point I know.” 

Rick Leach Instagram story
Pic credit: @rickleachjr/Instagram

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Rick’s suggestion that Clayton was playing the victim is a sentiment shared by several other Bachelor Nations stars, including former Bachelor Nick Viall and The Bachelor Season 26 stars Sierra Jackson and Lyndsey Windham. 

Clayton Echard eliminates Susie Evans after shocking fight 

Clayton has received an influx of backlash and criticism after his date with Susie Evans.

Clayton and Susie’s date didn’t conclude with a romantic night in the fantasy suites, but rather with an explosive argument and Susie being sent home. 

The pair’s date began to unravel over dinner when Clayton declared that he was the most in love with Susie while revealing he slept with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey in the fantasy suites. 

Susie couldn’t fathom how someone who was in love with her could sleep with two other women and, rather than validate her feelings, Clayton proceeded to turn on Susie and place blame on her for the rapid demise of their relationship. Clayton became agitated and upset that Susie didn’t specify her discomfort with him having physical intimacy with the other women, and he quickly shut down and sent Susie home. 

Next week, The Bachelor viewers will learn once and for all how Clayton’s journey concludes and if he somehow managed to salvage any of his remaining relationships.

Tune in next week to finally get answers during The Bachelor finale. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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Diane M Grady
Diane M Grady
2 years ago

Clayton showed very quickly what he is really made of. Immediately he shifted his anger onto Suzie because she has a moral compass! He doesn’t deserve her, she is too classy for him. All three, I hope, do not want him to propose. He told Suzie he loved her without taking her to the fantasy suite! Too late Clayton! He should have known you don’t tell all three that you love them. He is and was a fool! I hope he goes home “broken”! That is only what he deserves!!