Bachelor Nation reacts after Madison Prewett says she was won over by fiance Grant Troutt’s ‘swag’

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett appeared on The Bachelor Season 24 with Peter Weber. Pic credit: @madiprew/Instagram

Madison Prewett is ready to be a wife after fiance Grant Troutt recently proposed. 

The engaged couple has stirred up lots of buzz among Bachelor Nation in the past.

When Madison and Grant announced their dating relationship months ago, many viewers found their announcement post and lingo off-putting and forced. 

Viewers continued to have mixed feelings about the pair after their engagement.

Recently, Madison and Grant made a video detailing how they knew they’d found the one. 

Yet again, the couple’s exchange in the video and use of AAVE left viewers cringing. 

Bachelor Nation viewers throw shade at Madison Prewett and Grant Troutt’s video

A Bachelor fan page reshared the video of Madison Prewett and Grant Troutt speaking on their engagement and relationship. 

Madison discussed the idea of keeping or changing her last name with Grant declaring that she would now be Maddie T. and ‘Maddie Trizzy Trout.’ 

The Bachelor Nation star also admitted that her once concern was whether or not Grant had enough “swag,” to which Grant exclaimed, “Girl! She don’t know! She don’t know!” 

Madison was worried Grant wouldn’t be able to vibe and listen to artists such as Justin Bieber and Drake, but Grant won her over when he picked her up in his car and asked to blast Drake’s music. 

Grant and Madison also admitted that they got engaged after eight months of dating, partly because they’re waiting to be sexually intimate until marriage, so they’re not trying to prolong their marriage much longer. 

Bachelor Nation reacted to the video, and they were vocal about cringing at the couple’s ‘swag’ discussion. 

A commenter wrote, “wow…this is the cringiest couple I’ve maybe ever seen i’m genuinely uncomfortable.” 

Another viewer wrote, “imagine thinking someone has swag bc they listen to drake.” 

One critic found the couple immature, writing, “I feel like they’re in high school.”

Madison Prewett's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

A commenter expressed, ‘The second-hand embarrassment I feel for them is unmatched.” 

Another critic shared, “They literally admitted to what a lot of Evangelical Christians do…date a short time and get married quick just for the physical aspect…how do they not see the flaw in that?!?” 

One commenter was on the fence about Grant writing, “Mmmm I’ve never heard him talk before and I might not be a fan.” 

Madison Prewett's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Bachelor Nation viewers suggest Peter Weber’s mom was right about Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett infamously came to blows with Peter Weber’s mom Barb during The Bachelor Season 24 finale. 

Barb was unsure about Madison, and now viewers are suggesting Barb may have been on to something. 

A commenter wrote, “Dare, I say Barb was right? CA-RINGE. And a white son of a billionaire casually using AAVE? Yikes.” 

Madison Prewett's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Another commenter wrote, “Justice for Barb.”

Madison Prewett's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Other comments included, “They sound like they’re 13,” “Am I the only one who thinks h’es trying WAY too hard,” “I keep seeing this against my will and I need it to stop!!!,” and “The way my face absolutely cringed when he said ‘trizzy trout,’ girl, you sure?”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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