Bachelor Nation fans think Erich from Gabby and Rachel’s season has a twin in the franchise

Erich Schwer
Erich Schwer has a look-alike alum. Pic credit: ABC

As more episodes are aired, viewers get to see and learn more about this season’s suitors on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette.

Along with that comes speculation that some of the men look, or act, like contestants from previous seasons or shows in the Bachelor franchise.

For example, last season, Bachelor Nation couldn’t seem to get enough of the memes that focused on Jesse Palmer being related to the leading man, Clayton Echard.

Moreover, a lot of viewers thought that Susie Evans looked like the former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, or a previous Bachelor contestant twice over, Becca Tilley.

Now that this season is well underway, fans have mentioned Hayden Markowitz looking like Grocery Store Joe, aka Joe Amabile.

But there has also been a new one circulating throughout Bachelor Nation, and that look-alike comparison is Erich Schwer and a former Bachelor, now podcast host, Nick Viall.

Bachelor Nation fans discuss how much Erich Schwer looks like Nick Viall

Podcaster, Erin Hill, posted a side-by-side of Erich and Nick on her Instagram page @getncozywitherin, and fans had a lot to say.

Erin, herself, captioned the post by saying, “He’s a 10 but he looks like Nick Viall.”

Other fans joined in to discuss that they had thought the same thing, as one said, “I said the same exact thing to my daughter! Nick Viall.”

Another was also glad someone else brought it up, as she stated, “For awhile I thought I was the only one thinking this [laughing/crying face].”

One woman stated both men were “Still a 10,” as another declared, “So many look alikes this season lol.”

Fans talk about how much Erich and Nick Viall look like each other.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

Viewers talk about Erich Schwer and Gabby Windey’s one-on-one

During Erich and Gabby’s one-on-one date on this past week’s episode, Gabby got emotional talking about the lack of a mom in her life and that she has always felt like she has missed out by not having a loving and supportive mom.

She actually left the table where Erich had been listening to her story to compose herself and talk to the producers.

Bachelor Nation fans also had some thoughts and opinions about how Erich reacted to Gabby’s story and her getting emotional.

One person wrote, “I thought their date was so awkward! He seemed so uncomfortable at the dinner, like he had no idea how to respond and didn’t want to be there.”

In response, @getncozywitherin claimed, “@lovetorun87 I think he was just taken by surprise, it was a very heavy topic and maybe a little soon for that convo.”

Responding back, @lovetorun87 stated, “I agree. Too soon for that convo. He seems like a great guy, I just don’t know that he’s as into her as she is him.”

Fans talk about Erich and Gabby's one-on-one date.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

Regardless if Erich is the one standing with Gabby at the end of her journey or not, she seems to be pretty smitten with him at this time.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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