Bachelor Nation alums Trista Sutter and Andrew Firestone want to set up their teenagers

Trista Sutter & Andrew Firestone
Trista Sutter and Andrew Firestone talk about setting up their teens. Pic credit: @tristasutter/Instagram; @andrewbfirestone/Instagram

The Bachelor OGs, Trista Sutter from Season 1 and Andrew Firestone from Season 3, recently joked about planning an arranged marriage for their teenage children.

Trista, who caught fans’ hearts after picking Ryan Sutter as her winner on The Bachelorette Season 1, and went on to have two teenagers with him. Andrew Firestone, the leading man back on Season 3 of The Bachelor, married actress/model Ivana Bozilovic, with whom he had three children.

Both couples have 13 years old children, and they recently discussed setting up their teenagers, Blakesley and Brooks, in the future.

Trista Sutter and Andrew Firestone talk about setting up their teens

During Trista and Bob Guiney’s podcast called Almost Famous OGs, Andrew joined them as their guest. While he was on, the conversation came up about possibly setting up their kids one day.

Trista even exclaimed, “I reached out to Ivana and I was like, ‘I’ve got dibs!’ We’re going to have a planned wedding for Brooks and Blakesley!”

Andrew then piped up and revealed that the two teenagers have actually already been in touch with one another. He then revealed, “I didn’t know if I was allowed to blow this up or not, but I think the term is, Brooks slid into the DMs of Blakesley.”

Trista and Andrew discuss the world of teens and social media

Trista laughed out loud and declared, “And vice versa! Listen, I have to tell you, she’s always like, ‘Hey mom, will you tell Ivana that Brooks left me on read, so he needs to respond.”

Andrew, not super advanced in the world of technology, replied back saying, “That’s funny. I don’t know what being left on read means, but it doesn’t sound good!”

Trista responded and let Andrew know that it basically means he read Blakesley’s DM but didn’t answer it yet. She did say she is constantly telling her daughter that she’s only 13 and has time when it comes to boys and relationships.

Bob, Trista’s podcast co-host, loved hearing his two fellow alums talk about setting up their 13-year-olds in the future. In fact, Bob claimed both Blakesley and Brooks were beautiful kids inside and out, and he’s ready to ship them, too.

For the whole episode with Trista, Bob, and Andrew on the Almost Famous OGs podcast, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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