Bachelor Nation alums discuss whether it’s sexist to have two female leads for The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette season
Podcast co-hosts discuss sexism and The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

The upcoming season of the first-ever co-Bachelorette show is almost upon us as the premiere airs in just a few weeks.

While Season 19 has been done filming for a bit now, viewers can’t wait to see what happens in this untraditional season and whether or not Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia find the love they are looking for and deserve after their disastrous ending during The Bachelor with Clayton Echard.

However, lately, some Bachelor Nation alums have been talking and speculating not only on how the upcoming season will work with two leading women but on whether or not it’s sexist to have both women choosing between the men there.

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Natasha Parker gives her thoughts on this subject

During a chat on the Clickbait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Natasha Parker claimed that she does, in fact, understand why people might be making the assumption and declaration that it’s sexist to have two female leads. However, she also said she believes both Gabby and Rachel should get this chance.

She went on to state, “They both deserve it and also everyone has been crying for the show to switch some things up right? The show has been on for a while so people want it to switch some stuff up.”

Moreover, Natasha said, “The way that they’re season ended, I would’ve been heartbroken for Gabby or Rachel if they picked the other one. I am excited; even more excited to watch this season of The Bachelorette. If someone said you could watch another Bachelor season or two Bachelorettes, sign me up for the two Bachelorettes. I want to watch that.”

Natasha also said that she would love to see two Bachelor men up next if this season proves to go well.

Joe Amabile’s thoughts on whether two women as leads is sexist

When asked this same question, Joe declared, “We had a crazy ending to Clayton’s season. Both of these women got their hearts broken and we believe both of them.”

He went on to say, “It’s too hard to choose one, we’ve never had two and we think it’s going to be entertaining. So let’s do it. That’s what I think happened.”

Tia Booth gives her two cents on the topic

Tia was happy to hear about the franchise allowing two women to get the chance to find love and to help each other out side-by-side during the journey.

She stated, “You are alone in that spotlight and navigating it by yourself, but how cool to have someone else to be able to actually share that with… These two actually get to go through this whole process together.”

For the entire Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast episode discussing this topic with Joe, Natasha, and Tia, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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