Bachelor in Paradise’s Serene Russell says Brandon Jones makes her feel ‘deserving’

Brandon Jones
Serene Russell shared a photo and quoted herself from Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise fans finally got what they have been waiting for — more air time from the seemingly strongest couple on the beach, Serene Russell and Brandon Jones.

After Brandon, himself, pointed out how little screen time the standout couple had received during last week’s episodes, the two finally got to show viewers how far their relationship had progressed after they were given a date card.

Between Brandon crying upon seeing Serene and the two telling one another they were falling in love already, the date reassured fans that the couple would most likely make it until the end of the season.

The two have been a strong pairing from the start, as Brandon had his eye on Serene before even coming to BIP, and Serene was only interested in getting to know Brandon.

After last night’s episode, Serene took to Instagram with a snap of the two hugging on the Paradise beaches with a quote she had said during their tear-jerking one-on-one date.

The photo showed the couple smiling for the camera while Brandon wrapped his arms around Serene and rested his cheek on her head.

Serene Russell says Brandon Jones makes her ‘feel deserving’

She originally said the line during the date, after the two had an emotional conversation about their growing feelings for one another.

Brandon started by saying that he didn’t know what he would do without Serene, to which she responded with the captioned quote, “you make me feel deserving of all the things that I want.”

Brandon responded, “You are deserving and so much more.”

Brandon and Serene finally got air time after Bachelor in Paradise ‘slept’ on them

As previously reported, Brandon took to Instagram with photos of him and Serene while filming BIP that showed how sweet their relationship was — despite barely being shown on last week’s episodes.

He shared a swipe-through post that contained a photo of the two sleeping on an outdoor bed, along with a cast photo in which he and Serene were the only two affectionately embracing.

“They sleeping on us ?,” he wrote.

Clearly, the couple is further ahead than any other pairing on the beach, as they both admitted to falling in love with each other last night.

Bachelor in Paradise fans can tune in tonight to see if more sweet moments between Brandon and Serene will be shown or if the show will choose to focus on all the drama that is surely about to come.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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