Bachelor in Paradise’s Justin Glaze and Kira Mengistu get in heated argument over Stagecoach accusations

Kira Mengistu and Justin Glaze
Kira and Justin get in an argument over whether or not she saw him at Stagecoach. Pic credit: @kiramengistu/@justinglaze/Instagram

It’s all fun and games until somebody mentions Stagecoach on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise.

Monday night’s episode gave no shortage of drama when it comes to the Bachelor spinoff series, and contestants Kira Mengistu and Justin Glaze both shared their thoughts publicly as the episode aired.

Justin, who had previously formed a connection with Genevieve Parisi on the first day, agreed to a one-on-one date with new arrival Victoria Fuller shortly after she appeared.

As if that wasn’t enough to send Genevieve into a bit of a spiral, former Bachelor contestant Salley Carson was rumored to be joining the fellow cast members in Paradise sometime soon — as her suitcase had already arrived before her.

Kira took it upon herself to sit down with Genevieve and explain that Justin and Salley had been “all over each other” while attending the Stagecoach festival earlier in the year. She claimed that everyone was just hanging out in a group setting, while Justin was only focused on Salley and not talking to anybody else.

Justin took to Twitter as the scene aired last night to give his side of the story, saying he didn’t believe Kira was even at Stagecoach. The initial tweet sparked a reaction from Kira herself, who didn’t waste time sticking up for herself.

Justin Glaze and Kira Mengistu go back and forth on Stagecoach accusations

“Lmfao Kira was at stagecoach? This whole story is newssss to meeee [crying laughing emoji] anything for some screen time though I guess *sigh*,” Justin initially wrote.

Kira responded, “You ok, bro? We had several short conversations while there. Get some glasses and a better attitude.”

Kira Mengistu and Justin Glaze's Twitter exchange
Pic credit: @Justin_Glaze/@KiraMengistu/Twitter

But the drama didn’t stop with just one response. Justin hit back at Kira’s claims, saying, “I’m sorry I truly don’t think we spoke all weekend. Just odd to speak on and embellish someone’s whereabouts and actions so authoritatively that you don’t know.”

However, Kira didn’t back down and decided to put an end to the Twitter exchange.

“We definitely spoke. And I was in the 5 person girl group with Salley all weekend so I know what I saw. Don’t really understand why you’re coming at me, but it’s all good,” she replied.

Back over on the other side of Twitter, Genevieve, who may have gotten herself in quite the love square, was roasting herself while watching last night’s airing.

Genevieve Parisi roasts herself for her behavior on Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, contestant Genevieve spent last night holding herself accountable for the way she behaved in regards to Justin going on another date.

She took to Twitter to make comments about the episode, where she called herself out with tweets such as “Not me acting like I’ve been dating Justin for 2 years,” and “I wish America could feel what I’m feeling right now’ delusion from no sleep and crying for 20 hours straight.”

Genevieve even referenced her reaction to Justin returning from his date with Victoria and not going over to her immediately by saying, “HE DIDNT SAY HI TO ME RIGHT AWAY omg Gen.”

Will Salley ever show up? Will Genevieve and Justin’s relationship come to an end? Will somebody on the beach take a shot any time they hear the word Stagecoach? Fans can tune in to see the madness unfold on tonight’s episode.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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