Bachelor In Paradise’s Blake Horstmann sex-life drama reportedly exposed on the show [Spoilers]

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann is facing some heat during his time on Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Horstmann has been announced as part of the original Bachelor In Paradise cast and while several women hoped he would be there, they may also have hoped that he wasn’t a player.

As it turns out, Reality Steve is now reporting that several women will not only be upset with Blake during this upcoming season, but his sex escapades will also be exposed – mostly because the women on the show will compare notes.

Reality Steve reveals that Blake arrives in Mexico as part of the original cast. As does Tayshia, who was on Colton’s season. He gets a date card and asks Tayshia to join him.

On Day 2, Kristina arrives in Mexico with a date card and despite Tayshia’s date with him the day before, she asks him out. As it turns out, Kristina and Blake reportedly dated a few months back and it didn’t work out. But Blake agrees to go on the date, possibly to see if things really are done.

Tayshia and Blake reportedly also hung out before coming on Bachelor In Paradise. The two were hanging out in April at Stagecoach. Blake is said to have made the effort at the time, contacting Tayshia to hang out while there.

It wasn’t a date but more of a “hang out.” Sparks were flying, but things never progressed. Then, Reality Steve reports that Blake hooked up with Caelynn during the following night at Stagecoach. The two had sex, but it’s uncertain whether they just met that night.

The night after that, Blake supposedly had sex with Kristina – also at Stagecoach. All of this will come out during Bachelor In Paradise. Steve reveals that these aren’t rumors, but actual conversations that are had on camera.

If this wasn’t enough, Reality Steve also reports that Blake flew to Birmingham, Alabama to see Hannah G prior to going on Bachelor In Paradise. This happened two weeks before filming began, as they were both interested in one another.

Despite showing interest in Tayshia, he tells the women that he’s there for Hannah and wants to explore things with her. But it’s uncertain if Hannah will give this bad boy a chance.

Bachelor In Paradise premieres on Monday, August 5 on ABC.

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