Bachelor in Paradise viewers think it’s too late for new women to join this week

Andrew Spencer
Fans are wondering why Bachelor in Paradise is bringing in new contestants with so little time left. Pic credit: ABC

After a rollercoaster of a season, it’s no surprise that Bachelor in Paradise is throwing in another wrench (or three) with only two weeks left.

A new preview has shown fans that three new women, Mara Agrait, Ency Abedin, and Lyndsey Windham, will be joining the current contestants this week.

The women, all from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor, seem to make their splash on the beach as the clip shows their attempt at stealing Andrew and Logan away from their current relationships.

The new addition comes fresh off the heels of Rodney’s breakup with Eliza and exit from the beach, which seemed to crush all of his other castmates.

With morale currently at an all-time low, it seems accurate for BIP to throw in a little “spice” with a few new faces.

However, some viewers do not seem too excited about the ordeal.

Fans think it’s too late to bring in new contestants on Bachelor in Paradise

With the finale coming up on November 21 and 22, now’s the time when viewers expect to see the current BIP contestants buckle down on whether or not to propose to their current partners.

Many fans have shown that they are simply not interested in the newcomers this week and don’t seem to understand why the show would bring them in this late.

“Bringing in new people this late is just rude lol,” one viewer wrote, while another commented, “It sucks for people to come in this late because everyone is pretty much tied together.”

Another fan commented similarly, “They shouldn’t be bringing in people this late.”

Comments on the Bachelor in Paradise preview
Pic credit: @bachelorinparadise/Instagram

One commenter asked, “Why are there still new people coming in I feel like it’s late enough now.”

Another demanded as they spoke for all viewers — “STOP bringing people in this late!! On behalf of bachelor nation, we DO NOT want to see it.”

What’s to come on this week’s episodes of Bachelor in Paradise

In another double feature this week, previews have shown that the upcoming episodes are gearing up to be just as dramatic as the rest of ’em.

We ended last week with Eliza leaving the beach to find Justin in his home and tell him that she had made a mistake in choosing Rodney. The preview shows the two sitting down on his couch, with Eliza explaining her feelings for him and Justin replying, “I’m just, like, utterly confused.”

It then shows Andrew seemingly accepting a date from “new girl” Ency, even though he has formed a solid connection already with Jessenia. As the whole Paradise crew seems to attend a fun night out, Andrew is seen sharing a kiss with her on the dance floor.

Former Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are also set to make an appearance on the beach this week, which of course, many fans have already had their say about.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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