Bachelor in Paradise viewers slam Aaron Clancy for gaslighting Genevieve Parisi

Genevieve Parisi's face pictured up close
Bachelor in Paradise star Genevieve Parisi revealed how she felt during Tuesday’s episode of the show. Pic credit: ©

Paradise became Hell for Genevieve Parisi this week.

Part of Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was hard to watch for some fans and triggering for others.

The segment involved the couple formed by Genevieve and Aaron Clancy.

It all started when Genevieve realized that she was falling in love with Aaron. She shared that with the show’s producers in her confessional.

She wanted to find a quiet moment to share her romantic feelings with Aaron, however, he was spending his day in the pool with the other guys on the cast.

At one point, the whole group was together on a big lounge bed, and Aaron got ready to go to the pool with his friends for the second time that day.

Bachelor in Paradise: Aaron Clancy snapped at Genevieve Parisi

Genevieve quietly asked him why he was going to spend time with that friend again. She calmly explained to him that she wanted to spend some alone time with him.

Aaron completely flipped out on her.

He told her that she was always causing a scene and that she had no reason to be angry. Mind you, Genevieve wasn’t mad at all when she asked him if they could speak.

He angrily told her, “Are you really doing this? What are you coming at me for? I’ve done everything right. No other girl is mad at any dude here.”

The former Bachelor contestant walked away from him and had a small meltdown.

Encouraged by her friends, she later came back to him and asked if they could talk about what had just happened. He looked at her and made a sound as if he was thinking about it. This naturally aggravated Genevieve.

Aaron again got angry. He told her it wasn’t always about her and that he had to figure out if it was a good time for him to talk.

Genevieve stormed out and went to pack her bags. He intercepted her as she was about to leave Paradise, and he professed his love to her.

The group was happy for them and even said that they were passionate and perfect for each other.

The whole thing was very toxic.

Bachelor nation slammed Aaron Clancy

After the episode, many Bachelor in Paradise fans took to social media to explain that what they saw between Genevieve and Aaron had disturbed them.

Many commented that Aaron, who accused Genevieve of gaslighting him, was the one doing the gaslighting and the verbal abuse.

One viewer wrote, “Aaron just showed like 10 red flags in three minutes.”

Another fan wrote, “Still thinking about this moment from last night’s #BachhelorinParadise. Watching Genevieve get quieter and quieter as Aaron turned on her put a familiar, sinking feeling in my stomach. He kept going until she stopped trying to speak and was only nodding. Really hard to watch.”

That fan’s comment got over three thousand likes.

But one person was not happy about the bad reviews, and that was Aaron.

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi speak out after disturbing episode

Aaron took to social media to say that the conversation didn’t go as it was portrayed on the show. In a series of tweets, he blamed it on editing and also said that this wasn’t the conversation he had with Genevieve. He insinuated there was more to the story.

Aaron wrote, “Guys. Reality tv is not actual reality. But it is actually on tv.”

He also added, “Guys truly not the convo at all.” He also wrote, “Like 40 hrs of filming a week condensed into 4 hours, you see such a small part!”

Bachelor in Paradise star Aaron Clancy said he got a bad editing on the show.
Pic credit: @Aaronclancy/Twitter

Genevieve spoke out and said that the conversation shown on TV was how it happened.

She also reminded viewers that they had just spent a week apart, and she just wanted to spend some time with her man. She also said that since there was a potential engagement in just a couple of weeks, she thought they had a lot to discuss. And she wanted to make good use of their time together.

Genevieve also pointed out that she wasn’t mad at the beginning of the argument with Aaron. She wrote, “I was NEVER mad. I was upset because I wanted to talk to him alone about something. Is that too much to ask in a very calm way?”

Genevieve Parisi shares her side of the story of what happened between her and Aaron Clancy on this week of Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

Genevieve also contradicted Aaron’s claims that they didn’t show their whole argument. She explained that nothing got cut out of the, which could have given more insight into what was going on between them.

Genevieve Parisi contradicts Aaron Clancy's claims that some big things were cut out from their argument on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

I was really hurting for her You could see the hurt in her face. He blew up something that she Only meant to be a special moment. Does this let you girls see Aaron is only about what Aaron wants & likes himself more than her?
. Maybe a taste of future with him

1 year ago

Aaron is not ready to settle down in a committed relationship. He simply doesn’t seem to have the maturity of a man ready to take on the responsibility of a marriage. She’s better off without him I feel or obviously give the relationship more time.