Bachelor in Paradise: Viewers are not impressed that Shanae Ankney was cast for the show

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney is going to Paradise. Pic credit: @shanae.a/Instagram

When the official contestant list for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise was released yesterday, Shanae Ankney’s name was on it.

After her villainous and downright degrading and condescending words and actions on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, some didn’t believe she deserved this chance.

Some viewers believed that production and the franchise are rewarding Shanae’s awful and rude behavior instead of punishing her.

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By asking her to be on the show, and allowing her to show her face on another franchise show, fans see this as them giving Shanae another opportunity after she did what she did the first time around.

After making fun of someone with ADHD and consistently putting down Elizabeth Corrigan and laughing at her disability, along with saying horrible things about some of the other women, people didn’t think Shanae deserved this spot on BIP.

However, filming ended months ago, and the show is about to air exactly one month from today. It’s safe to say a lot of Bachelor Nation is disappointed that they will see Shanae’s face on their screen again.

Bachelor viewers discuss distaste for the franchise by including Shanae Ankney

On Twitter, Bachelor Fantake posted the new Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 promo video and then captioned it with something of their own.

They stated, “How wonderful. Shanae is back for Paradise. Thank you ABC for teaching us all that if you make fun of someone’s ADHD you get rewarded with even more screen time!”

Bachelor Fantake is not impressed that Shanae Ankney was casted.
Pic credit: @BachelorFantake/Twitter

The first user to comment claimed, “Apparently ABC & The Bachelor pay NO attention to the feedback from viewers. Shame on them!”

One user says production doesn't listen to viewer feedback.
Pic credit: @BachelorFantake/Twitter

Other fans of the show were not impressed that Shanae Ankney was part of the cast

Another person declared, “i mean are we really surprised because whenever bachelor nation says don’t bring so and so on paradise (Shanae) in this instance or don’t make so and so the lead they pretty much ALWAYS do the opposite.”

One viewer then added, “I mean there are drama queens and mean girls, and we all know they’re good tv, but Shanae went way over the line.”

Other viewers talk about how Shanae went way over the line on The Bachelor and doesn't deserve another opportunity.
Pic credit: @BachelorFantake/Twitter

As one person claimed, “She wont last. Queen Victoria didn’t even make it past week 1,” another posted, “So help me god if these men who we have mostly liked give Shanae the time of day especially Brandon, Andrew, or Justin I’m gonna pull my hair out.”

Viewers hope Shanae doesn't last on BIP.
Pic credit: @BachelorFantake/Twitter

When Bachelor in Paradise airs in one month, viewers will have to see for themselves just how Shanae is portrayed and how the other women treat her and vice versa.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27th, on ABC.

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