Bachelor In Paradise stars Connor and Whitney say they are done, but they are both in Mexico

Connor and Whitney
Connor and Whitney have broken up. Pic credit: ABC

Connor Saeli wanted to meet Whitney Fransway on Bachelor In Paradise, but he wasn’t patient enough to wait for her to arrive. So when she did arrive, Whitney learned that Connor had left and decided to pursue him. The two ended up hanging out in Connor’s hotel room before traveling home.

During the reunion special, the two revealed that they were still going strong. However, an article from PEOPLE magazine revealed that they had broken up.

“It was 100 percent mutual. We’re just not right for each other,” Saeli explained of the relationship, which had progressed too fast for both of them.

He points out that there were no hard feelings and the breakup decision was mutual. But he also revealed that there was a chance of them rekindling things.

“That’s something we’ll see in time. You never know what could happen down the road,” Saeli adds.

And it sounds like that may have happened. On Instagram, Whitney and Connor are currently in Tulum, Mexico. Both checked in at Quintana Roo in Tulum, but they haven’t posted any photos of them together.

While Whitney stated that she was happy to finally be in Tulum, Connor took a more relaxed approach to the trip, wrote that he was just living life. It is interesting that they are going public with a failed relationship the day before they are in Mexico.

Of course, there is a chance that they are both in Tulum, Quintana Roo separately. It’s also possible they are there because of a work collaboration or an Instagram campaign, where they’ll be promoting a resort or a trip package. Fans of Connor and Whitney are hoping that this trip is one that will rekindle their romance and their relationship.

Bachelor In Paradise returns for summer 2020 on ABC.

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