Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Will Maurissa dump Riley for Demar?

Maurissa Gunn and Demar Jackson on the beach
Maurissa Gunn and Demar Jackson chat together in paradise. Pic credit: ABC

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Riley and Maurissa’s relationship looks like it could be in trouble thanks to newcomer Demar Jackson.

While Maurissa and Riley’s relationship has remained steady so far, that might all change if Demar somehow manages to sweep Maurissa off her feet.

Maurissa and Riley’s relationship is tested 

In the latest Bachelor in Paradise teaser, Riley states, “I’m not looking for a one-night thing, I’m looking for a forever thing” 

However, his “forever thing” with Maurissa could be in jeopardy because the BIP trailer shows host, Lil Jon announcing that he’s about to shake things up as Demar Jackson and Ed Waisbrot arrive on the beach. 

The preview certainly seems to suggest that Demar will be a threat to Maurissa and Riley’s relationship, especially as the narrator in the trailer claims the couples will get a “serious test of strength.” 

Maurissa Gunn is then seen happily walking away with Demar as she later says she only had one person on her list of men she wanted to meet in paradise, and the editing of the clip aims to make it seem as though Demar was that one person. 

Riley states he’s not going down without a fight, which suggests that Riley might be seeing a potential connection brewing between Maurissa and Demar. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Riley and Demar have had to compete over the same girl because they both were on Clare and Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette. 


Maurissa could potentially dump Riley like she dumped Connor B. 

Maurissa has been all in for Riley ever since their steamy one-on-one date. While it should seem like Riley has nothing to worry about, Maurissa has had a history of moving on quickly. 

Before Riley showed up, Maurissa had been exploring a relationship with Connor Brennan and she even received his rose during the first rose ceremony. 

However, once Riley arrived, Maurissa almost immediately lost all interest in Connor which broke his heart as well as viewers. Maurissa hastily moving on from Connor, might be what Riley is fearing now that Demar Jackson has shown up to paradise. 

In another BIP trailer, there appears to be a tearful moment between Riley and Maurissa coming up. It’s not yet clear why Riley is crying in their scene together, but it could potentially be a moment where he and Maurissa either reconcile or break up. 

As Bachelor in Paradise gets down to the wire, we’ll see which relationship Maurissa decides to pursue. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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