Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Are Teddi and Andrew together?

Bachelorette alum Andrew Spencer decided to leave Paradise last night because his heart was still elsewhere.
Bachelor in Paradise star Andrew Spencer said he wasn’t over Teddi Wright after she broke up with him. Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

Some Bachelor in Paradise fans were shocked when Andrew Spencer revealed to Ency Abedin that he still had feelings for Teddi Wright.

It all started when Jessenia Cruz pulled Andrew aside to talk to him. She felt he treated Paradise as if he were on a “Boys’ trip.”

She said that she was hurt that after spending so much time together, he not only went on a date with Ency but didn’t give her (Jessenia) the time of day after that. She explained to the Bachelorette alum that she felt she had poured more into the relationship than he had.

Ency interrupted them twice, and soon after, Andrew started spiraling.

He explained to Ency that he needed to finish his conversation with Jessenia because he would like to be her friend after this.

When he returned to his conversation with Jessenia, she demanded to know where his head was. Andrew was candid as he admitted that his heart was elsewhere, revealing it was with “Teddi.”

Andrew Spencer left Bachelor in Paradise

Andrew said he had to be true to himself and admitted that he had been feeling low since Teddi left.

He then decided to leave Paradise too, despite Ency begging him to stay. Bachelor in Paradise fans agreed that Andrew did the right thing and that he needed to go home and heal from his heartbreak.

A fan wrote, “Andrew has done nothing wrong to these girls. He’s been nothing but genuine & honest. & tried to be respectful of everyone’s feelings. He doesn’t deserve any of this.”

Another fan said she would love to find out if Andrew reconnected with Teddi. She said, “We must see Andrew showing up at Teddi’s doorstep it’s only fair.”

Teddi Wright and Andrew Spencer don’t seem to be together

Teddi has purged almost everything that has to do with The Bachelor franchise from her social media.

However, Teddi and Andrew still follow each other on social media. Andrew has also commented on her pictures on occasion.

The Bachelor alum left the beach when she realized that her feelings weren’t as strong for Andrew as his feelings were for her.

She explained in her confessional that she usually is all over guys, but she was more reserved with him. She was trying to figure out if it was because of the environment and that they were being filmed 24/7.

However, she realized that she was just not that into him. She left the beach without telling him anything. Andrew was heartbroken when he found out that Teddi had left and didn’t even take the time to talk with him.

But, despite all of this, he still cares about Teddi. However, the jury is still out on if Andrew was able to win her back or not.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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