Bachelor in Paradise: Noah Erb says he’ll never forgive Mari Pepin for this

Noah Erb crosses his legs
Noah Erb has beef with Mari Pepin over cake. Pic credit: ABC

Things got extra fiery on the fourth episode of Bachelor in Paradise, with a birthday cake becoming a casualty in all the drama. 

After seeing Demi make good on her promise to steal the women’s men, including Kenny, Mari made a bold statement by tossing Kenny’s birthday cake from Demi into the fire. 

Mari’s dramatic discarding of the cake didn’t just cause an issue within their messy love triangle. Noah Erb recently shared his own feelings about Mari’s decision to make a perfectly good cake go up in flames. 

Mari Pepin gets in the way of Noah Erb’s sweet tooth 

Noah Erb is no stranger to feuds within the franchise, and the latest episode of BIP ignited a humorous feud between Noah and Mari.

While watching Mari’s cake throwing scene on Bachelor in Paradise, Noah made a video to share that, while he is fond of Mari, he is still very much hurt and disappointed in her for the cake incident. 

However, Noah’s disappointment is not because he thought the act was immature or because he felt Mari could have handled the situation with more poise. 

Instead, Noah humorously revealed that he can never forgive Mari because he really wanted some of that cake. 

In the video. Noah passionately states, “I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again; I will forgive a lot of people but I will never forgive Mari for throwing that cake in the fire when I was ready to eat it. Okay? Unforgivable”.

Noah continued to express the lasting sorrow he felt in the caption that read, “@mari-pepin I think you’re great but that act had me sad for days.” 

Noah Erb isn’t alone in his disappointment 

It seems Noah Erb wasn’t alone in his eagerness to have some of that cake as well as his dejectedness once the cake get tossed in the heat of the moment. 

During the episode, other castmates also appeared disheartened to watch the cake burn when they were planning on eating it. Specifically, Riley Christian, who was very vocal about being upset because he was looking forward to the dessert. 

While the cast was sad to see the cake go, Mari had her own disappointments to wrestle with since her and Kenny’s miscommunication led Kenny to pursue Demi instead of her, leaving Mari without a strong love connection in paradise. 

After the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Mari Pepin appears to have bigger fish to fry than Noah’s sweet tooth but hopefully, for Noah’s sake, Mari has no more cakes to burn. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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