Bachelor in Paradise newcomer Alex Bordyukov reveals the type of girl he’s interested in

Alex on Bachelor in Paradise
Alex Bordyukov dishes about what he’s looking for in a partner after being saved on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Although Bachelor in Paradise contestant Alex Bordyukov may be showing his more mature side on the show, he has revealed that he is looking for that “one weirdo” to be his potential partner.

Alex, who was introduced as a newcomer on this season of Paradise, showed up during “Split Week” to ruffle some feathers between the previously formed relationships.

Although he had sparked a connection with fellow contestant Victoria Fuller, who was attracted to his values and future plans, she ultimately decided to continue her relationship with Johnny DePhillipo.

Although it may have seemed like Alex was doomed to be sent home this week, he was saved at the last minute by fellow newcomer Florence.

When it comes to what he looks for in a partner, however, Alex recently sat down with host Mike Johnson of the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast to dish on the qualities he seeks.

Mike openly showered Alex with compliments, including having a “universal appeal” and even saying he would let his own sister date him.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Alex Bordyukov is looking for his ‘weirdo’

However, Alex said he is not looking for that same worldwide appeal in a potential mate. “I’m looking for that one weirdo that will understand me,” he said in return.

Alex continued to say that he doesn’t care to impress anyone and doesn’t consider himself a “people pleaser” in any way.

In terms of Bachelor in Paradise, he said that if anyone was wondering why girls weren’t “crazy about him,” it was because he didn’t pretend to be into anyone and seek unnatural affection with the other contestants.

Alex also shared that he metaphorically puts his walls up “pretty high” until he feels comfortable enough to let the right person in.

Alex hits it off with Victoria Fuller during ‘Split Week’

Recent episodes of BIP have shown the impending love triangle between Alex, Victoria, and Johnny, as the two men were both pining for her rose and the chance to pursue a relationship with the brunette bombshell.

Alex was one of the new men introduced to the OG women during the show’s “Split Week,” Victoria was openly attracted to his maturity and future goals. Although the two seemed to have grown a solid connection, Victoria ultimately chose to focus her attention back on Johnny and decided to give him her rose instead.

Not all hope was lost for Alex, however, as Florence swept in to offer her rose to him at the end of the ceremony — meaning there was still a chance that he and Victoria could spark up their flame again.

Fans can tune in next week to see if Alex finds his “one weirdo” on the beach or if his time in Paradise will end.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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