Bachelor in Paradise couple Danielle and Michael gush over each other after saying ‘I love you’

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio
Danielle and Michael couldn’t help but show their love for one another after last night’s reunion. Pic credit: @dmmaltby/Instagram

The relationship between Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby has survived the switch into the “real world,” which the couple revealed on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion last night.

Although the two didn’t leave their time in BIP with an engagement, fans were delighted to see that they have made strides since leaving the Paradise bubble.

During Tuesday night’s finale, Danielle revealed the exciting news that she had met Michael’s son James and was planning to move to his city.

Michael even told Danielle that he loved her for the first time ever — a moment that will surely go down in the Bachelor Nation history books.

After finally being able to talk openly about the current state of their relationship, the two didn’t wait too long to gush over one another on social media.

Danielle went first with a compilation of videos and photos she had taken of Michael over the past six months.

Danielle Maltby shares sweet video to show love for Michael Allio

Danielle opened up her heartwarming video by saying that meeting Michael for the first time was like “seeing the sun after months of gray skies.”

She admitted that she felt “unprepared” to meet him, but she felt a warmness from him that immediately put her at ease.

“I felt like I couldn’t stop looking at you but I was scared to meet your eye’s in the same second out of fear you’d see all the guarded parts of me at once. I wanted to run away and shrink and simultaneously be around you,” she wrote.

Danielle continued to describe their growth as “wild” by saying they have come so far in only six months together.

She explained, “Hope and a million conversations, belly laughs, patience and honest tears have let our guards come down. You are the easiest to love. You are solid, unwavering, passionate and safe. You are my favorite place to land.”

Michael shares follow-up post after saying ‘I love you’ on Bachelor in Paradise reunion

After admitting that he had only said the words “I love you” to his late wife, Laura, Danielle was visibly shocked when he said it to her for the first time last night.

Since he finally shared his feelings on national television, he then took to Instagram to reciprocate Danielle’s sentiment in letting her know how much she means to him.

With another lengthy caption, Michael first explained the incredibly difficult obstacles he faced during his previous attempts at finding love.

“Danielle carries a kind of love that most never find. It’s deeply embedded in her and something she generously hands out to everyone she encounters. You can feel it when she enters the room. It’s magical… I’m lucky,” he revealed.

He continued by listing Danielle’s qualities, including how empathetic, funny, smart, and caring she is.

He also brought up the fact that the two have bonded over their tragic losses and how he is looking forward to the next chapter with her.

“We share a tragic past that we will carry with us forever but one that will never define us. As we look into our rear view with a smile and anxiously await what lies ahead, I now know for certain, I’m glad to be walking down this road less traveled with you,” Michael wrote.

He finished his post with the line that surely captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation when he said it on the finale — “Time to light a fire with the love they left behind.”

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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1 year ago

Love Michael and Danielle together they’re a beautiful couple and there love will last a life time Michael,Danielle,James a beautiful family❤️