Bachelor in Paradise cast: Victoria Larson unrecognizable in new photos, many viewers don’t know who she is

Victoria Larson on Matt James season of The Bachelor
Victoria Larson has changed a lot since her time on The Bachelor with Matt James Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Larson just might be the queen after all — if you want to call her the queen of reinventing herself.

After a tough season on The Bachelor where she failed to win over Matt James or seemingly anyone else, Victoria has changed up her look so much for Bachelor in Paradise that some fans of the show are calling her “unrecognizable.”

If you found yourself scanning the list of Bachelor in Paradise cast after the announcement, wondering why they left out Victoria’s photo, you’re not alone. Quite a few fans who watched her act out on Matt’s season also didn’t realize that she was, in fact, among those photos.

This isn’t the first time it’s been pointed out that Victoria Larson doesn’t look the same as she did during her time on The Bachelor. Monsters & Critics recently reported on the amazing transformation as she showed off her new look in a series of photos on Instagram.

However, Victoria’s fresh new look may not translate to love. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers will follow so if you don’t want to know what happened during filming, stop right here and head to Victoria’s Instagram, where you can see just how much she’s changed in a few short months.

Victoria Larson cast announcement has fans confused

When the Bachelor in Paradise cast was first officially announced, there were quite a few comments about Victoria’s appearance. Some didn’t recognize her cast photo and were quick to comment on how different she looks now.

“I didn’t recognize ‘Queen Victoria’ Larson –” wrote one surprised fan of the show, sharing a Bachelor-era picture of her to show what a huge difference there is.

On Twitter, there was a bit of debate about who this new blonde girl even is.

One user wrote, “Tbh (to be honest) I don’t know who that is.”

Another wrote, “Victoria looks GOOD tho.”

And yet another also questioned Victoria, not recognizing her as the bad girl that wouldn’t go away on Matt James’s season.

Fans weigh in on Victoria's appearance
Pic credit: @DarianSmallwood/@yourbasicgem/@yourbasicgem/Twitter

Others are hoping that this gorgeous makeover for the queen of mean will translate to big changes on the inside too.

A fan comments on Victoria's appearance
Pic credit: @AlysonKavan/Twitter

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers

We’re just starting to learn more details about what actually happens in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise but it looks like Victoria Larson may leave Mexico ringless and unlucky in love again.

According to spoilers first shared by Reality Steve, Victoria Larson and Serena Chew, who is also from Matt’s season, are the first ladies sent packing at the very first rose ceremony.

So it looks like we won’t be getting a redemption story and she won’t be villainizing the other cast in Paradise this season as her time on the show will be very brief.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Monday, August 16 on ABC.

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