Bachelor in Paradise: Brendan Morais gives Pieper James a hard time about not having a Valentine card for him

Brendan Morais
Brendan Morais gives Pieper James a hard time about not getting a card on Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais and Pieper James, Bachelor in Paradise alums, have had their share of a rocky relationship, and are they together/aren’t they together questions, but it seems like they are more together now than ever.

Brendan took to his Instagram page to express his love for Pieper, but also give her a hard time for not getting him a Valentine’s Day card when he got her one.

Brendan Morais gives Pieper James a hard time on Valentine’s Day

Bendan posted a picture of the two of them in bathing suits about to kiss each other in the outdoors, as he captioned his post, “Imagine giving someone you love a Valentine’s Day card and they ‘forgot’ your card at home…my guess is she forgot my card at cvs because she didn’t buy one.”

Brendan goes on to write, “I digress [laughing/crying emoji]. Pieper you are smart, beautiful, kind and thoughtful. I love you and am grateful for every moment we have and memory we make! Our adventures, I will cherish them forever [blue heart emoji]”

It seems as if Brendan is truly in love with Pieper, and their relationship is at a point where he can joke about this with her without leaving her feeling too bad or getting upset.

In fact, Pieper was the first to respond to Brendan’s post, as she commented back, “Acts of kindness rather than words of affirmation is really more my thing ? haha I love you ?”

Screenshot of Pieper's comment.
Pic credit: @brendanmorais/Instagram

Pieper seems to have an act of kindness love language, rather than a words love language, according to her. She did end her message with an “I love you,” so she seems just as into Brendan as he is to her.

Brendan and Pieper’s past, from Bachelor in Paradise to now

Brendan and Pieper, though happily together now, have gone through some rough patches during their relationship. They were also questioned by quite a few of the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise and accused of having a relationship prior to going on to the show.

Also, Brendan suffered some controversy in quitting during Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette after hometown dates because he said he wasn’t ready for the commitment of marriage, and Pieper was a contestant on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

However, it seems like the two have gotten through all of that adversity and are now happier than ever. Hopefully, they can continue on this same path in the future and grow even more in love, not just on Valentine’s day, but every day moving forward.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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