Bachelor in Paradise: Brandon Jones reveals Serene would have accepted a date from Rodney

Brandon Jones on The Bachelorette
Brandon Jones says his love interest Serene Russell would have accepted a date from Rodney Mathews. Pic credit: ABC

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell, Bachelor in Paradise’s strongest couple from the start, have revealed the news that Rodney Mathews could have potentially ruined their entire relationship.

It was evident from Episode 1 of the spin-off’s current season that Brandon and Serene had naturally hit it off, especially since the two showed an immediate spark during their initial meeting and ended their first conversation with a kiss.

As the weeks have dwindled down, Brandon and Serene have remained the strongest couple by far on the beach — even after “Split Week” introduced a new crop of men and women to Paradise and tested the waters of the other relationships.

The couple even told each other that they were already in love with one another during a recent episode, which for many BIP viewers, would come as no surprise due to their loyalty and incredibly sweet moments shared together on the show.

However, during a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, Brandon revealed that Serene didn’t only have her sights set on him from the start.

Contestant Rodney Mathews, a fan favorite from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, entered Bachelor in Paradise a few episodes into the season as a hot commodity.

And although it wasn’t aired, Serene told Brandon that she would have accepted a date from him if he asked.

Brandon Jones says love interest Serene Russell was interested in Rodney Mathews

While speaking to former Bachelor Nation favorites, Brandon said that Serene and Rodney had previously had a bit of “a thing” and that she was “open to Rodney.”

He said that Serene was “most definitely gonna go” on a date with Rodney if asked, to which Brandon said, “Yea I want you to explore this, ’cause if you come back and you decide, like, you don’t want Rodney, and you want me over Rodney, that’s enough clarity to me.”

Brandon was thankful for Serene’s honesty about the situation and revealed the two had a straightforward conversation about how they would handle it.

Brandon even joked that he and Rodney were possibly “about to date the same girl again,” as they had both previously pined for Michelle’s heart just last year.

However, there is definitely no bad blood between the two, and they continue to show their “brotherly love” and support for one another.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell say they’re in love on Bachelor in Paradise

While many BIP couples don’t always make it through to the end of the show (or beyond), it’s clear that Brandon and Serene are on the way to ending their time in Paradise as an engaged couple.

Although it has only been a few weeks, the two have already confessed their love for one another, which came after they had been separated for a week and forced to test the loyalty of their relationship.

“I just realized I love you Serene Brooke Russell and that’s not gonna stop,” Brandon said to Serene before she reciprocated the sentiment and leaned in for a kiss to seal the deal.

“I, Serene Russell, am in love with Brandon Jones, and I can see an engagement at the end of this,” she revealed in her confessional.

Fans can tune in next week to see the love story continue to blossom between the two as a possible engagement may be right around the corner.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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