Bachelor in Paradise alum Katie Morton posts video telling followers to ‘start doing what’s best for you’

Katie Morton
Katie Morton posts a video about putting yourself first. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Morton, past alum on Bachelor in Paradise and Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, posted an inspirational video to her Instagram page.

In the video, Katie posted several photos of herself as well as other things in her life that make her happy. Words throughout the video are heard with a man’s voice reading them as a voice-over.

Katie aims to help her followers re-center and prioritize themselves in their own lives.

What makes Bachelor in Paradise alum Katie Morton happy in life?

Katie started the video with a picture of herself at a brewery or a sports bar with a huge smile on her face. As the words, “you have to start doing what’s best for you” popped up, Katie then filmed a street in L.A. lined with palm trees.

The next few photos appeared quickly with Katie as she drove in her car, walked on the treadmill, and could be shown in the weight room lifting weights. The last flash on the first part showed Katie gleeful and carefree as she chased her puppy around a yard donned in sweats.

As the next phrase “It has to happen” flashed up, there was a jet that rolled through the pink and purple sunset sky and a journal that was flipped through.

Katie’s video emphasizes the need to prioritize yourself and do what makes you happy

The next scene of words showed “you keep putting others first” as a laptop charged by a seat is shown and a tram rolled by right next to the beach and its waves.

With that same phrase up on the screen, Katie showed a quick flash of the beach and water and then of herself as she stood out on the balcony and warmed up by the outdoor fire pit.

As the words “all you’re doing is teaching them” came across the screen, Katie put out a bowl of fruit and could then be seen walking from the sand to the water in her black bikini as the sun set in front of her.

The next two photos are of Katie and her dog, as she leaned in to kiss him and give him a pet around the face, and then of she and Hannah Godwin as they drove a golf cart and danced to the music playing, smiling, and laughing the whole time.

As “you come last” came up as the words on the video, Katie again posted a picture of the beach with orange and yellow sky out in the distance from where she had been standing. She then posted another one of her as she lifted weights back in the weight room.

“That’s no way to live” was the last phrase that popped up, as Katie could be seen walking her beloved dog and then taking a walk down an empty path in between trees that have long since lost their leaves.

By the looks of the video that Katie put together for her fans, she has been doing more of what makes her happy because if you are happy within your own self, you are more likely to project happiness on others and for others.

When it comes to Katie, what makes her the happiest is her dog-child, working out, sunsets and sunrises, taking walks, the beach, and the company of her close friends.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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