Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin is named a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit finalist

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin adds a huge accolade to her resume. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Godwin has been known for her sweet personality on The Bachelor, but also for wavering back and forth between Dylan Barbour and Blake Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise.

Ultimately, Hannah chose Dylan, and not only did they leave the island engaged, but they are still together today and have bought a house together recently.

Hannah has also recently added another accomplishment to her long list as she has been named as a finalist for the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Swim Search contest.

What does this mean for Hannah Godwin now that she’s been named a finalist?

While Hannah might be the most well-known name on the list due to her appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, there is a diverse list of others.

Not only is Hannah on it, but so are 13 other phenomenal women including an astrophysicist, a woman battling cancer, the first indigenous woman, a NASA employee, an ICU nurse, a health advocate, a couple of lawyers, and more. These finalists will be competing for a spot in the 2023 issue and are heading to the Dominican Republic to do their photoshoot.

Not only is Hannah, at age 27, a familiar face because of her roles in the Bachelor franchise, but she is also a TikTok personality, a social media influencer, and the founder of a photo and video filter and editing app called Setty.

Hannah also has over 1.5 million Instagram followers, and she uses her Instagram to show off her fashion and beauty. She was quoted saying in her audition for this opportunity that “the magazine gave her confidence.”

She went on to quote, “I remember looking up to Sports Illustrated models just being like, ‘Gosh, I would kill to, like, feel good in my own skin. I finally feel like I don’t care what others think about me. I care what I think about me, and that’s something that I truly learned through Sports Illustrated.’”

While Hannah has been awarded this opportunity, another Bachelor Nation alum has been in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit world lately, too.

Victoria Fuller also tried to follow her dream, like Hannah Godwin

Victoria Fuller also revealed she was entering the Sports Illustrated 2022 Swim Search about a month ago. She revealed that because she is a mix of Japanese, white, and Black, and everyone in her family has blue eyes and blond hair, she loved seeing the diversity and uniqueness in the women from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.

Victoria stated, “Being beautiful and sexy can be any color and any size, and I relate to the women in this magazine so much. They will never truly know the acceptance I have felt by just knowing there’s other women out there just like me.”

Victoria, like Hannah, loves to pose in her swimwear by the beach and pool and also enjoys fashion and beauty. She, too, posts about both on her Instagram account for her fans to see and enjoy.

It sounds as if both Hannah and Victoria, while both Bachelor Nation alums, have also gained a strong sense of self-worth and confidence for this experience.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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