Bachelor Happy Hour co-hosts compare Susie Evans to Madison Prewett

Madi Prewett & Susie Evans
People are comparing Madison Prewett to Susie Evans now. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt, co-hosts of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, talked about the term déjà vu when it came to Susie Evans’ talk with Clayton Echard during the Fantasy Suites episode of The Bachelor.

It brought them back to the time when Madison Prewett gave Peter Weber an ultimatum his season of the show. However, the co-hosts said one thing was different — fans knew where Madison stood, but Susie’s seemed to come out of nowhere.

What did Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt have to say about the comparison between Madison Prewett and Susie Evans?

Serena stated, when talking of the two girls, “I’m pretty certain Madi was the third Fantasy Suite date, and she sat down and basically said almost the same thing Susie did. But she stuck around and was very open about her opinions on sex and relationships, and how her faith played a role in that.”

She went on to say that, “Clayton even quoted Susie to her face, saying, ‘You told me to explore these other relationships. You told me you wanted me to choose you at the end after exploring all these relationships to the fullest.’ So she’s now going back on her word.”

Becca added to Serena’s thoughts, as she said that the women know what they are getting in to when they sign up to be on the show. She also stated her confusion in the women knowing what Fantasy Suites entailed when they agreed to be cast.

Becca continued by questioning Susie’s motives when she said, “Why are you waiting until this week to have that conversation? We saw Teddi tell Clayton earlier on, weeks ago, that she was still a virgin. If you’re a fan of the show, which we know Susie’s been watching for a while, you know how things work.”

How did they feel about Clayton’s reaction, and what does this mean for the finale?

Becca did also state that she felt Clayton had a poor showing of his emotions and how he reacted as well in the communication department. She commented on the disconnect between the two during that time as well, saying that it seemed Susie was expecting Clayton to be able to read her mind.

She ended the conversation with Serena about Susie and Clayton by saying that she is “very interested to see where this is gonna go next week.” To hear Becca and Serena’s full episode of Bachelor Happy Hour, click here for their podcast link.

Becca and Serena also talked about how they think the finale might go and who Clayton will end up with in the end. The duo then discussed who they thought she be the next Bachelorette. Becca declared that she believes it will be Rachel Recchia, but deep down, she is hoping it’s going to be Gabby Windey.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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