Bachelor fans aren’t impressed with Peter Weber’s ‘mean girls’

Bachelor fans aren’t impressed with Peter Weber’s ‘mean girls’
The women that are fighting to win Peter Weber’s love have been unimpressive this season. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber is nearing the end of his journey on The Bachelor and as the girls continue to go home, viewers at home can’t believe just how mean some of them have been this season.

We’re not saying that it’s all sunshine and love on previous seasons of The Bachelor. It’s no secret that the ladies competing for the Bachelor’s heart are competitive and can go to great lengths to win.

Peter Weber’s season gets petty

But this season has been so extra that viewers can’t stop talking about how catty this cast has been. When Chris Harrison teased that this was the “most dramatic” season of The Bachelor yet, we had no idea that it was because of all the issues that the girls would have with each other.

The most recent example being Tammy Ly, who recently was sent home. Since her dismissal, she’s even gone so far as to apologize for some of the things she said about the other women on the show.

Tammy was the one pointing the finger at Kelsey, claiming that she had a drinking problem. Then, she seemingly took things too far when sparring with Mykenna, a move that played a role in her exit from the show. And it doesn’t look like there will be any coming back this time.

There was also an issue with several of the girls and Alayah after they started talking about how “fake” she was.

One thing the ladies of The Bachelor should definitely keep in mind is that they aren’t there to make friends but do they really have to be so mean?

Social media weighs in on this season of The Bachelor

Multiple times now, the girls from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor have been referred to as “mean girls.” Their drama-inducing antics have many viewers wondering if they are really on the show for love or if they’re just trying to get noticed.

It seems that if they were trying to win Peter’s heart, they would be focusing more on that and less on each other. Then again, being surrounded by a group of beautiful women who are all trying to win over the same man can’t be easy. That’s likely why so many of them are trying to tear each other down as they make their climb to the top.

It’s not a good look though, and viewers have definitely taken note.

It seems that The Bachelor viewers have even noticed how cute Madison is and have asked for more moments like hers with Peter Weber rather than all the drama among those still on the show.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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