Bachelor Costa Rica hotel: Where did Peter Weber stay?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber stayed at a beautiful hotel while filming in Costa Rica. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor traveled to Costa Rica this week as Peter Weber continued his journey to find love.

Peter and the women stayed at a beautiful hotel that appeared to be located close to the jungle, which provided a gorgeous backdrop for the dates this week. Peter and the women stayed at The Springs Resort & Spa, which is a boutique hotel.

When the women weren’t caught up in the drama this week or shedding tears over Peter, they were able to explore some of the hotel’s amenities.

The hotel has a view of the Arenal Volcano, natural hot and cold springs, and guests can stay busy with a full-service spa and five unique dining experiences, according to the hotel’s website.

The Bachelor stays at The Springs Resort & Spa

While there, guests can also enjoy their water slide, a signature putt-putt course, a kids’ game lounge and a Club Rio Adventure center, which has everything from river tubing, kayaking, and horseback riding to rock climbing and an animal sanctuary.

The hotel’s website reveals that the hotel has also been used to film Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

CNN Travel voted the hotel’s views the most spectacular in the world.

One interesting fact about the hotel is that it is located close to Arenal Volcano, which is an active volcano. But the hotel is located on what is being called the safe side, as the government has declared a danger zone should it erupt.

Live like The Bachelor at the hotel

While the drama between the ladies took over tonight’s episode because of Kelsey, you can experience this hotel for yourself.

You have a few options to stay at the hotel. The Vista Guest Room is $360.50 per night and the prices only go up from there. A family suite will cost you $556.50 per night.

You also have the option of getting two or three-bedroom suites that will cost you $721 and $798 respectively.

The hotel also offers full villas for its guests. A Palm Bungalow costs $878.50, whereas a two-bedroom villa costs $1,099.00.

Some of the places on the websites don’t have prices, possibly because you have to contact the hotel to book. To get more information, you can call (954) 727-8333.

This week, ABC is airing two episodes of The Bachelor and a total of 10 women are going home.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC.

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