Azan Tefou returns to Instagram and 90 Day Fiance trolls won’t leave him alone

Azan Tefou
Azan is back on Instagram and the trolls were ready for him. Pic credit: @justazan/Instagram

Just days ago, 90 Day Fiance star Azan Tefou returned to Instagram after more than a six-month hiatus.

Despite his absence from social media, Instagram trolls were ready and returned in full force to heckle the Moroccan reality star as soon as he started posting photos and videos again.

The first thing Azan did when he returned to the ‘Gram was posting a sexy headless selfie, showing off all his hard work in the gym. He captioned the photo with the series of hashtags, “#noexcuses #stayhealthy#nutrition #gym.”

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Then, Azan posted a selfie showing off his face, which hasn’t changed at all in the past six months. It’s worth noting that his hair hasn’t changed either and looks just as crazy as ever.

As soon as Azan started putting up pictures again, his comments filled up as 90 Day Fiance stars took aim at him and at his relationship with Nicole Nafziger.

“I find it hard to believe that someone who cares so much about his body would be with someone who doesn’t care about theirs. … makes no sense,” one commenter wrote.

“When is the wedding date I know you can’t wait,” another teased.

Another commenter was clearly not impressed with Azan’s abs and on the picture of his midsection, they wrote, “Stop being a user and give Nicole her money back so she can give May a proper home and life. That beautiful child deserves a wonderful stable home. She doesn’t need to be running from the U.S. to Morocco because her mom is chasing a man that doesn’t love her.”

Still not done with their rant, the commenter continued, “If you love Nicole you wouldn’t take her money. You would be the man and send her money to help raise her daughter. You need to stop and think about it. Would you want a man doing your daughter that way? Your sister? Karma is a bitch and she always returns to the favor. Please grow up and be a man.”

Yet another didn’t believe that the photo was Azan. They wrote, “Show your face, I don’t believe this is Azan at all. I don’t even think this is Azan’s account.”

While some 90 Day Fiance fans commented to let Azan know how ripped he is or to attempt to chat about the show, a lot of the comments were rude and inflammatory, making it easy to understand why Azan left Instagram in the first place.

So far, he’s been quiet in the comments and let the haters continue to hate, unlike many of his 90 Day Fiance costars.

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