Avery Warner once said she would never do OnlyFans, now her explicit photos have leaked

Avery Warner
Avery said before that she would never do OnlyFans but has been in the spotlight after her OnlyFans photos leaked. Pic credit: TLC

A 90 Day Fiance fan account, @90daysonblast, found an old Instagram story of Avery Warner from Before the 90 Days exclaiming that she would never do OnlyFans. This find comes as a leaked OnlyFans photo of Avery has been circulating and drawing a lot of attention around social media.

The photo that leaked is a full-frontal picture of a completely nude Avery, and it was the first picture on her OnlyFans of her nether region. The picture has not only drawn criticism because it contradicts her saying she would never do OnlyFans, but also because it stirring up old issues people have with Avery.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans have taken their criticism to a rude level by making fun of the way Avery looks naked.

Avery has since stopped posting to her OnlyFans, saying on May 14 after the photo was leaked, “Farewell guys! This is my last post. I will no longer be on this platform. Bye guys!”

Avery contradicted herself by starting an explicit OnlyFans

In this particular video from @90daysonblast of Avery from around 7 months ago, she answered a fan question about whether she has an OnlyFans coming or not. She said, “I get this question a lot. I’m sorry guys, you will never see me on OnlyFans, it’s just not my style. Noooo.”

Since her OnlyFans photo was leaked, she has been caught up in controversy from 90 Day Fiance fans who don’t like her and have been putting her on blast.

Her ex-boyfriend Ash even threw a laughing face emoji in the comments on this old Instagram story post. Another 90 Day Fiance cast member, Leida, gave her comments on the situation as well.

IG post about Avery Warner
In an old Instagram story, Avery said she would never do OnlyFans, only to be caught in a controversy over her OF photos a few months later. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Fans have more to say about Avery Warner

Fans are bringing up other reasons to hate on Avery during this time of the leaked OnlyFans photos.

She has been called out for things besides contradicting herself on her OnlyFans stance, like her previous culturally insensitive remarks.

Avery commented on a Black Lives Matter post a while back with a statement that could be seen racist, or at the very least, tone-deaf. She was widely criticized for her remarks and even lost endorsements because of what she said.

While her OnlyFans photo leak is putting her in the spotlight right now, her haters are throwing fuel on the fire.

Avery has yet to make a public statement about the leaked photos, aside from her comments on OnlyFans about stepping back from the site.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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