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Avery Mills takes a stand against racism after Deavan Clegg statement

Avery Mills on 90 Day Fiance; Before the 90 Days
Avery Mills speaks up for what she believes in. Pic credit: TLC

Deavan Clegg set 90 Day Fiance fans into a tizzy earlier today when she took to Instagram Live to denounce a clickbait article that had been shared on her social media accounts.

In her explanation, Deavan made some claims about racism that didn’t sit well with a lot of people and one of them was clearly Avery Mills.

Deavan told 90 Day Fiance fans that Jihoon Lee is a Donald Trump supporter and that she doesn’t think racism exists anymore because, as a 22-year-old white woman living in Utah, she never actually saw or experienced it herself.

The Instagram Live video is no longer available to view on her account but as with most of the dirt on the cast from this TLC series, copies were saved and are still floating around on the internet.

Not long after, Avery Mills shared two messages in her Instagram stories, letting people know that racism is alive and well and that she is dealing with it a bit herself. Avery’s comments have since been deleted.

“To anyone that doesn’t believe Racism and bigotry isn’t still alive and well in America, just go look at my comment section,” Avery began. “I have gotten death threats from Americans for the simple fact that I am Muslim, and whole countries are banned from coming here.”

“I grew up in a very diverse community where I heard white folks addressing black people as criminals and all Muslims as terrorist,” she continued. “Just today when the isis leader died I had people tagging me saying that I must be so sad my ‘cousin’ died. People that don’t speak up about the problems just Bc it doesn’t affect them are apart of the problem.”

Avery Mills Instagram
Avery Mills let 90 Day Fiance fans know that she doesn’t agree with recent comments on racism. Pic credit: @o.m.a.ver.y/Instagram

“For the people that stand up against the hate in this worse thank you,” Avery wrote in a second post. “And I’m not trying to throw shade Bc I love everyone but it did strike a nerve seeing some stuff.”

It’s very obvious exactly what “stuff” Avery saw that struck a nerve.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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