Audrina Patridge dishes on ‘controlling’ Lauren Conrad in new tell-all

Audrina Patridge close up
Audrina Patridge dished all the details about her friendship with Lauren Conrad, calling her ‘controlling.’ Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/AdMedia

As with most tell-all books, Audrina Patridge’s new book, Choices: To The Hills and Back Again, reveals some juicy details about what happened while she appeared on the MTV reality show, The Hills.

Not only did she talk about her relationships with Chris Pine and Chace Crawford, as well as a humiliating meeting with Justin Timberlake, but she opened up about her friendship with Lauren Conrad, whom she called “controlling.”

The revealing book dropped yesterday and is already making waves for its content, with Audrina dropping numerous famous names throughout.

One part of the book that stood out in particular, especially for fans of The Hills, was when Audrina wrote about the breakdown of her friendship with Lauren Conrad.

Fans of the show will remember when Audrina moved into the pool house out back where she and Lauren, along with Lo Bosworth, were renting a house together.

Things became tense between Audrina, Lauren, and Lo after they moved into the house, and Audrina spilled there was so much more going on than The Hills fans saw.

Audrina Patridge dropped juicy details about her and Lauren Conrad’s friendship

She wrote, “There are reasons that she and I aren’t friends anymore, and there was a lot of turmoil between us that we couldn’t talk about on-camera at the time,” the reality star continues. “It’s what led to me moving out of the pool house out back when I lived with her and Lo [Bosworth].”

While she was upset that her and Lauren’s shared publicists and agents would give Lauren all the better opportunities, it was her controlling behavior that really became an issue.

She wrote, “I also found her to be very controlling over her friends. If you’re in her circle, you have to do and say what Lauren does or says. Otherwise, you’re on the outs.”

It’s a pointed thing to say, considering Lauren and her former best friend Heidi Montag ended their friendship over Heidi’s relationship with Spencer Pratt, whom Lauren absolutely hated.

Audrina wrote about that rumor that Lauren and Justin Bobby had hooked up

As for that startling accusation that Lauren and Justin Brescia, or Justin Bobby as fans of the show will remember, had hooked up off-screen, Audrina explained why she was so adamant that it happened.

She claimed the pair were a lot friendlier off-camera, and Lauren didn’t dislike him as much as she acted like she did when cameras were rolling.

She wrote, “When Justin and I were broken up, Lauren ran into him in Vegas and, according to a good friend of mine, ended up hooking up with him. When I heard this, I felt so betrayed.”

Audrina said that was basically the end of her friendship with Lauren, and things were never really the same after that. Things got especially bad due to the fact that Lauren would only discuss the supposed hook-up on camera.

She wrote, “Apparently Lauren was saving her take for the cameras, and when we finally talked, she had it all twisted around to make me sound like I was delusional and out of my mind. Then she got mad at me. Lauren and I were never really friends again.”

Will we ever truly know if Lauren and Justin Bobby actually hooked up? Apparently not, as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

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