Aubrey O’Day before and after: Here’s the Danity Kane singer’s pre-plastic surgery look

Aubrey O'Days appearance is a drastic change from a few years ago.
Aubrey O’Day’s appearance is a drastic change from a few years ago. Pic credit: & @aubreyoday/Instagram

Singer Aubrey O’Day has taken a 180 since her early days on reality tv when she first appeared on our screens.

We got our first glimpse of Aubrey on MTV’s Making the Band, where cameras followed a group of talented singers as they competed for a chance to get signed to P Diddy’s music label.

Aubrey was indeed one of the lucky hopefuls who became apart of the girl group Danity Kane. They went on to sell millions of records but the group later disbanded.

The singer went on the embark on a solo career and has appeared on several reality shows over the years including Celebrity Apprentice, and her own reality show, All About Aubrey.

Fans have taken notice of Aubrey’s drastically changing appearance

The singer, who is known for posting scantily clad images on social media, gets a lot of backlash not only for her provocative images but for her appearance as well.

This is Aubrey O’Day in 2013 at the American Music Awards.

Aubrey O'Day in 2013
Aubrey O’Day attended the American Music Awards along with her group Danity Kane in 2013. Pic credit: ©

However, this is how 35-year-old Aubrey O’Day looks these days.

Despite her denials over the years that she has not gone under the knife, it did not do much to quell the rumors.

In her images, Aubrey O’Day does appear to have much larger breasts, bigger hips, oversized lips, and her face looks much different than the fresh-faced young girl we came to know and love.

Throughout the years many of her images have caused quite a stir with followers and critics leaving nasty comments about her looks.

Last year, Aubrey received so many hateful comments on one photo in particular that she changed her Instagram page to private for several days.

For years Aubrey credited her changing appearance to overdone makeup and contouring, but in 2019 she finally admitted to using lip fillers and botox.

Aubrey denies having plastic surgery

And despite the harsh criticism, the singer said in an interview with Allure that she loves herself when she looks in the mirror, and that she is happy with who she is.

She recently posted this sexy image for Valentine’s Day and once again, many were quick to comment on her face and body.

Despite the feedback she receives, the reality star and singer continues to openly share risque images with the world.

Aubrey and her former Danity Kane bandmate Shannon Bex are now a duo named Dumb Blond and they have been touring and performing around the world. They also have music streaming on Apple Music.

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