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Ashton Pienaar called out Captain Lee’s experience at the Below Deck reunion and viewers are shook

Fans are not happy with Ashton Pienaar calling out Captain Lee Rosbach
Fans lash out at Ashton for him asking about Captain Lee and Kate’s yacht experience. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashton Pienaar called out Captain Lee Rosbach’s experience during part one of the Below Deck reunion.

Viewers are not happy the bosun dared to question the credentials of the captain. The remark from Ashton implied that Captain Lee and chief stew Kate Chastain don’t work in the yacht industry unless the cameras are rolling.

Gone was the cocky, arrogant Ashton and, in his place, was a quieter, calmer but extremely bitter person. The backlash Ashton has gotten from his disgusting behavior this season has been severe. It was as though he was trying to show he is a different person by having a different demeanor than on the show.

His persona was different. However, fans’ dislike of the bosun has not changed at all. Viewers still think he is the same arrogant, jerk he was a year ago when the Bravo show was filmed.

Fans come for Ashton after reunion remarks

Social media has been buzzing since part one of the Below Deck reunion aired earlier this week. Fans are calling out Ashton for questioning the last time Captain Lee worked on a yacht. One Twitter user was confused at the question because the show is shot on a real yacht.

“What did Ashton mean when he said when is the last time Kate and Captain Lee worked on a “real motor yacht in the industry?” Do they not do that every season,” wrote one fan.

Another fan wasted no time asking how Ashton could call out Captain Lee and Kate’s experience considering his lack of yachting jobs.

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“Ashton asking Captain Lee and Kate how long they’ve been working in the “real” industry. As if he’s got more experience than them or something,” read the tweet.

Not everyone is Team Captain Lee and Kate

The majority of social media was blasting Ashton but not everyone was hating on the bosun. The favoritism Captain Lee shows Kate was one hot topic too.

It wasn’t as though people were defending Ashton or his behavior. However, many feel Kate was just as bad of a person this season as him. Captain Lee though will never call out her behavior because of their friendship.

“@capthlr why are you so hypocritical. Calling out Kevin for speaking about a convo he heard in the galley when Kate gets a pass when Ashton spoke to you about Rhylee and she blabbed. By the way, Ashtons was business. Pathetic management!” shared the Twitter user.

The Below Deck reunion show drama has only just begun too. Part two of the gathering features Captain Lee walking off stage and Kevin defending the guy’s behavior this season.

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Ashton was relatively quiet during the first segment, except for a couple of jabs with Rhylee Gerber. Will he continue to display a bitter, calmer demeanor, or will he lose his temper like he did so many times this past season?

Below Deck reunion part two airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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