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Ashley Martson calls out Larissa Lima’s ‘thirsty’ comment on Jay Smith’s picture

Ashley Martson, Larissa Lima and Jay Smith on 90 Day Fiance
Ashley doesn’t seem to like Larissa commenting on Jay’s posts. Pic credit: TLC

Over the weekend, former 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith treated fans to a shirtless photo on Instagram. Apparently, Larissa Lima really liked it because not only did she like the photo but she also commented with a fire emoji.

Larissa’s comment has since been deleted but not before we were able to get a screenshot of that and Ashley Martson’s reply to it.

It all went down on this photo of Jay Smith.

Despite having filed for divorce twice and not being together, it’s clear that Ashley Martson still follows Jay Smith and she’s keeping tabs on him. When she saw Larissa Lima’s comment on Jay’s Instagram photo, the 90 Day Fiance star called her out.

Under Larissa Lima’s fire emoji, Ashey wrote, “@larissalimareal grab yourself and Evian and stop being so damn thirsty.”

Ashley calls out Larissa on Jay's post
Ashley calls out Larissa on Jay’s post. Pic credit: @jay_smith_ja/Instagram

By the next morning, the comments were deleted but, as usual, screenshots were taken.

It’s not really clear why Ashley would even care who says what on Jay Smith’s Instagram but she clearly was bothered by what Larissa wrote. Ashley also said recently on an unrelated post that she and Jay are still married despite her filing divorce for the second time back in April.

As for Larissa, she’s single now. Larissa dumped Eric on Instagram last week when she announced her “Break Up Story” before quickly deleting it within a day.  Larissa and Eric dated for eight months after she and Colt Johnson filed for divorce.

It turns out that Jay is single now too. In that same post, someone asked him whatever happened to Kayla Ann, the girl who picked him up when he was released from ICE detention. That comment is still up and Jay even answered it, telling everyone that she was “gone.”

Now we’re left to wonder what all this even means. Does Ashley want to get back together with Jay or does she just not want her 90 Day Fiance castmates flirting with him on social media?

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