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Ashley Martson and Loren Brovarnik feud: 90 Day Fiance stars battle over pregnancy announcement

Ashley Martson and Loren Brovarnik
Ashley Martson and Loren Brovarnik are feuding over her pregnancy announcement. Pic credit: TLC

Just to be clear, Loren Brovarnik is pregnant, not Ashley Martson.

Loren wanted to make sure 90 Day Fiance fans were not fooled by a recent post to Ashley Martson’s Instagram stories that simply said “Pregnant!” with a picture of two pairs of adult shoes and one adorable pair of baby shoes.

The picture originated from Loren Brovarnik’s Instagram stories, announcing her exciting baby news. And many outlets quickly wrote about it, letting fans know that Alexei and Loren are having a baby.

Ashley’s use of the photo and the cryptic way it was posted clearly didn’t sit well with Loren, who went back to her stories, shared a screenshot of Ashley’s post and then announced that it was her pregnancy that Ashley was announcing.

“For all those asking, this is our picture!! We are the ones pregnant and beyond excited!” Loren wrote.

Loren Brovarnik takes aim at Ashley Martson
Loren Brovarnik was offended by the way Ashley’s post was made. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Then, at the bottom of the post, Loren continued, “Also if you’re going to use MY photo, I’d appreciate you letting people know it’s US that’s pregnant.”

That seems fair enough, right?

Well, Ashley didn’t see it that way and she fired right back at Loren. She told the former 90 Day Fiance star that everyone is posting about Loren and Alexei’s pregnancy “so get to calling them out.” What she failed to realize is that others reporting on the exciting pregnant news weren’t using Loren’s shoe photo and the ones that were, weren’t making it look like their own announcement or making it ambiguous at all. That seems to be where Loren’s upset was.

In any case, Loren shared Ashley’s response, as seen below. In it, Loren shared that she didn’t know about Ashley’s clickbait gig because she doesn’t follow her and that now, instead of being gracious about anything, Ashley decided to just block Loren.

Ashley's response to Loren
Ashley responded to Loren and it wasn’t very nice. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

In another post that immediately followed, Ashley claimed again that its just a company that posts articles for her and that she doesn’t even know Loren. She wanted to make it clear that she didn’t delete the post, it came down automatically.

She clearly didn’t want Loren to think that she deleted the post out of respect. In fact, Ashley made it very clear that she “could careless about [Loren] or the franchise.”

Loren vs Ashley Instagram stories
Ashley went even farther to explain that she didn’t remove the photo. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

It doesn’t look like Ashley Martson will be making a grand return to 90 Day Fiance and she won’t be going to Loren Brovarnik’s baby shower either.

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