Ashley Jones shares video partying with Jade Cline amid reports of Teen Mom spinoff fight

Jade Cline and Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Amid reports of a feud during the taping of the Teen Mom spinoff, Jade Cline was spotted partying with Ashley Jones. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline and Ashley Jones have their fans confused after they were spotted partying together amid their reported feud.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, there is a Teen Mom spinoff show currently being filmed in a retreat-style home in San Diego County, Calfornia.

Briana DeJesus’s mom, Roxanne, claimed that a fight broke out in the Teen Mom spinoff retreat house between Briana, her sister Brittany, and Jade Cline, reportedly versus Ashley Jones.

According to Roxanne, MTV provided the moms with alcohol, so she blamed the network for putting her daughters in compromised situations and claimed they instigated the fight.

Did Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline and Ashley Jones reconcile?

Now, Jade and Ashley seem to have made up from their quarrel and even enjoyed themselves together in the retreat house.

On Sunday, September 26, Ashley Jones took to her Instagram Stories to share several videos from inside the Teen Mom spinoff house.

In the video with Ashley was Jade Cline from Teen Mom 2 and Cheyenne Floyd from Teen Mom OG, who were all drinking from red cups and twerking as they lip-synced for the camera, obviously enjoying themselves.

By the look of Ashley’s videos, it seems that she and Jade have made amends and no longer have beef with each other.

Ashley and Jade’s former beef dates back to the days of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant when Ashley went off during a reunion special in 2019.

Reportedly, Ashley was upset that Jade got asked to graduate to Teen Mom 2 rather than herself and she went off on Jade, along with the rest of her Young + Pregnant castmates.

Is Jade Cline still BFFs with Briana DeJesus?

In an interesting twist, Jade became fast BFFs with Briana DeJesus last season, who is one of Ashley Jones’ enemies.

After Jade had a Brazilian butt lift surgery and liposuction on her entire body, Briana came to the rescue and allowed Jade to recover comfortably at her house.

Briana was a huge help to Jade, and Jade even mentioned during last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion that if it weren’t for Briana’s help, Jade believed she would have died.

Briana and Ashley got into it after Briana claimed that Ashley’s rental home isn’t really hers. Earlier this year, Briana said, “Ashley’s house really ain’t her house. MTV films at a rental,” which set Ashley off.

Ashley retaliated against Briana’s claims and really went off after Briana shared a private apology message from Ashley with her followers, in which Ashley extended a peace offering both to her and Jade.

So, did Jade diss Briana to make up with Ashley? Or is Jade trying to make amends with both sides and stay neutral?

Some Teen Mom 2 fans might say that Jade is acting fake by befriending both Briana and Ashley, but maybe she’s just tired of all the drama and wants everyone to get along.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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