Ashley Jones reacts to her Teen Mom Family Reunion castmates shunning her

Ashley Jones snaps an IG selfie February 2023
Ashley poses for a selfie in February 2023. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

The Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 finale, The Aftermath, aired last night, and it was clear that the beef between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus is still going strong.

This season on TMFR, viewers watched one of the most explosive altercations in recent Teen Mom history. Briana and Ashley got into it after their moms exchanged words at dinner, and their spat turned physical.

Briana climbed onto the kitchen island as she threatened to kick Ashley. Their jabs went back and forth, and Ashley retaliated by spitting at Briana, something most of their castmates felt was out of line.

As TMFR viewers watched during Tuesday night’s finale, Ashley and her mom, Tea, filmed their segment separately from the rest of the cast. Ashley’s castmates didn’t feel comfortable sharing the couch with her, as Ashley confirmed earlier this month.

Following the episode, Twitter was brimming with opinions from viewers and the cast of TMFR. Rather than tweeting about her castmates feeling uncomfortable in her presence, Ashley shared a viewer’s tweet, which seemed to encapsulate her feelings about it.

The original tweet included a clip from Season 1 of TMFR, in which Cheyenne Floyd got into a heated argument with Farrah Abraham. Cheyenne ended up “hulking out” and flipping a table out of anger.

Ashley Jones indirectly responds to being avoided during Teen Mom Family Reunion: The Aftermath

Ashley didn’t add any comments to the post, allowing the video to speak for itself.

Cheyenne is among the other TMFR castmates who refused to be in Ashley’s presence during the reunion. Most of the moms felt Ashley spitting at Briana was too much, despite what went down beforehand.

Ashley’s brawl with Briana DeJesus triggered the TMFR cast to oust her

When MTV replayed the aggressive fight scene, Roxanne couldn’t handle watching it and, along with Briana, threatened to leave. However, executive producer Larry Musnik was able to talk them into staying and filming the rest of their segment.

Viewers will remember that Briana’s mom, Roxanne, brought up Ashley and Briana’s online beef during dinner. When Tea began to speak her piece, Roxanne continually interrupted her and even picked up a chair at one point in an apparent threat.

Things turned physical in the kitchen the next day after Tea accused Roxanne of “bumping” her without apologizing. Ashley, Briana, and their moms got sent home from Oregon for their actions and weren’t able to finish out the rest of the season.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

I think teen mom franchise let Brianna get away with too much bullying other cast members and if the other team moms can’t see what’s going on they all need to grow up teaming up on one cast member

yali burgos
yali burgos
1 year ago

I believe Brianna is a bully. Kail had every reason to be upset with Brianna getting involved with her husband. It was a line that should never had been crossed. Brianna then continuously body shamed and harassed Kail in a bullish manner. Had a party after winning her lawsuit and call Kail names and saying dragatory things about , including Janelle and Jade. Not cool!!!! On Family reunion I blame Brianna and her mom for escalating the dynamics that led to the kitchen altercation. Brianna’s mom is a wanna be hood rat and is a horrible example to her daughters and grandaughters on how to deal with conflict.