Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 talks COVID-19 and having more kids

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones talked about recovering from COVID-19 and having more kids. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones, the newest addition to the cast of Teen Mom 2, opened up about battling COVID-19 recently and having more kids in the future.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Ashley’s mom, Tea, reported that she contracted COVID-19 and asked her fans to pray for her daughter as she recovered.

Tea told her followers that Ashley’s case wasn’t severe, and they expected a full recovery.

“She is doing ok in light of [COVID-19] … But we expect a full recovery in no time,” Tea shared.

Ashley Jones updates fans on COVID-19

Now, Ashley took to Instagram herself to update her fans on how she’s doing since her battle with the virus.

After a brief social media hiatus, Ashley opened up a Q&A in her Instagram Story and answered some questions from her fans.

“Are you fully recovered from Covid? ❤ been praying for y’all!!” asked one of Ashley’s followers.

Ashley thanked her followers for their well wishes and let them know that she is no longer afflicted with COVID-19, but didn’t take it lightly.

Teen Mom Chatter shared screenshots of Ashley’s Instagram Story on their page.

“I am. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes. I am Covid free now but honestly that s**t was no joke,” Ashley admitted.

Another of Ashley’s fans was curious whether she lost her sense of taste and/or smell. Ashley filled in her followers on the peculiar situation she’s been in since recovering.

“I never lost my taste but my smell has yet to return,” Ashley informed her fans.

Does Ashley want more kids in the future?

Other fans were curious about Ashley’s plans for any more kids, if any, and asked her, “Do you want more kids in the future?”

Ashley bluntly answered, “No. I think I will enjoy Holly. Having another kid is a huge sacrifice that I’m not sure I’ll be willing to make.”

Another fan must not have liked Ashley’s answer, and submitted a question to Ashley’s Q&A that read, “But holly needs a sibling.”

Once again, Ashley got real and didn’t mince words when she answered, “I think Holly needs undivided attention, financial stability, [and] emotional stability. All of which she has at the moment.”

Ashley and her baby daddy, Bar Smith, appeared together on the Teen Mom 2 reunion last week. Fans of the show thought it looked as though the couple was “faking” their relationship, though, based on their behavior.

Ashley and Bar first got engaged in 2019 but later called it off and broke up. The on-and-off couple got engaged last year for a second time, and MTV was there to capture the moment for Teen Mom 2. Ashley and Bar share one daughter, Holly, 3.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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