Ashley Jones’ fans impressed with ‘articulate’ daughter Holly as she adorably explains how babies are made

Teen Mom 2 alum Ashley Jones and her daughter Holly
Ashley’s daughter Holly shared where babies come from in an adorable video. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Ashley Jones’ daughter Holly explained where babies come from in an adorable video.

Ashley and her husband Bar Smith, who made their first appearance within the Teen Mom franchise on Young + Pregnant, share their 4-year-old daughter Holly.

Soon after, Ashley graduated to Teen Mom 2, taking Chelsea Houska’s spot in the cast after the alum stepped away from the show.

Teen Mom 2 viewers have watched as Ashley and Bar have struggled in their relationship, faced trouble with the law, and worked hard on their personal goals, all while raising a young daughter.

Despite the struggles her parents have faced and conquered, Holly is becoming a confident, well-spoken young lady, as evidenced in Ashley’s recent share on Instagram.

In an Instagram Reel, Ashley recorded her daughter Holly as the adorable preschooler explained to the camera where babies come from.

Ashley Jones’ 4-year-old daughter Holly explains where babies come from

Ashley captioned the share, “So …. This is how babies are made according to a four year old ❤️❤️ you are welcome.”

Ashley prompted her daughter to “go ahead” before Holly began, “Hi, guys!” with a wave to her mom’s 584,000 followers. “Today I’m going to be showing you where babies come from and where they’ve been from.”

Holly took her recording very seriously and continued to explain, “Okay, so let’s start with the first thing. Eagles fly babies in little white things and they drop them down on the nice, little green grass.”

“And then, the next thing the [people] do is [sic] when the baby starts crying, a person starts going out on the front door and somebody comes, picks the babies up, and they decide to keep the baby. And where the baby came from is they’ve been in their stomachs and then when a baby comes out, that means you have a new child!” Holly ended her explanation.

Holly’s charming video caught the attention of Ashley’s followers, who took to the comments to praise Holly’s articulation and how well-spoken the 4-year-old is.

Teen Mom viewers, cast gush over Holly’s ‘articulate’ video, praise Ashley’s parenting

Teen Mom’s official Instagram account was one of the first to comment on the Reel, writing, “✍️✍️✍️ yes holly i’m taking notes.”

Catelyn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG commented, “This is ADORABLE ?”

teen mom 2 fans gush over holly's explanation of where babies come from on ashley jones' IG post
Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Noting how well-spoken Holly is for her age, one of Ashley’s followers commented, “She is sooo articulate for her age ! Good job mom.”

Another fan echoed the sentiment, writing, “She’s soo well spoken,” while a similar comment read, “She speaks so well for her age.”

Reinforcing Holly’s articulate way of speaking, another fan also praised Ashley and Bar’s job as parents: “She is so intelligent, articulate, and beautiful!! Y’all are doing an amazing job!!!! ?”

When Ashley isn’t busy raising her daughter Holly, she keeps busy with her podcast, I Need Wine, running her business, Aries Beauty Studio, and most recently, attending nursing school.

Next up for Ashley will be her appearance on the new Teen Mom spinoff, The Next Chapter, where she’ll join seven other moms from the franchise for the first combined-cast show of its kind, premiering next month.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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