Ashley Iaconetti spills the beans on The Bachelorette after being spotted on the set with Jared

Ashley Iaconetti
Ashley Iaconetti dishes the details on what is going on in La Quinta, California. Pic credit: ABC

Ashley Iaconetti is one of the Bachelor Nation stars who was spotted at the resort in La Quinta, California while The Bachelorette has been filming.

At first, it was believed that previous contestants were heading back there to compete on Bachelor In Paradise, but Ashley I is clearly a spoken-for woman.

Now that she’s back home from the resort, she’s ready to dish out what she knows.

In terms of rumors, Clare Crawley has wrapped her season of The Bachelorette because she has fallen in love with Dale Moss.

Tayshia Adams has reportedly taken over, but ABC has yet to confirm anything.

Ashley Iaconetti dishes on what she can share

Now, Ashley is sharing what she does know and one of the things she wants to highlight is the fact that Bachelor In Paradise isn’t happening – at least not at the resort.

On her podcast with Ben Higgins, Almost Famous, Ashley opens up about her time on the set. Despite rumors that producers were trying to cram in a season of Bachelor In Paradise while at the resort, Ashley can confidently say that this is not the case.

“This is not happening. These are truly just rumors,” she explains, adding, “This is just the Bachelorette filming down there.”

As for safety, she explains that she felt very comfortable being there. She argued that the Bachelorette production is keeping things safe with lots of testing and quarantine.

“And a lot of people are saying that COVID is happening, why are there so many people down there in Palm Springs? You guys, The Bachelor bubble down there is the safest place you can be right now. There’s so many tests going on down there and so much quarantining going on. Just wanted to put that out there.”

All of the crew and contestants were placed in quarantine prior to filming and all have undergone several tests.

Ashley Iaconetti reveals she doesn’t want to anger The Bachelor franchise

Ashley may know a lot more than what she’s sharing, including the fact that Clare Crawley is no longer filming the Bachelorette. In fact, she may have been at the resort to offer encouragement to Tayshia, who is taking over.

But that information isn’t coming from Ashley herself. As she points out, she doesn’t feel like it is her place to speak about these rumors.

“I also have to say that I don’t think it’s my place to speak on what’s going on down there until the Bachelor, ABC, Warner discusses for themselves. Because there has been no confirmation from the Bachelor camp,” she points out, adding, “I don’t want people to think that I’m lying but… I’m not gonna spoil it.”

Ashley herself found love on Bachelor In Paradise with Jared. The two had a rocky beginning but they got engaged back in 2018.

Ashley, who is known in the Bachelor franchise for her epic meltdowns on Bachelor In Paradise, has passed the torch to some of the new women in the franchise, who have proven that crying on national television is perfectly acceptable.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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