Ashley Iaconetti shows never before seen, unbelievable photos of husband Jared Haibon

Jared Haibon
Ashley Iaconetti shows old photos of her husband. Pic credit: @jaredhaibon/Instagram

Jared Haibon has been Ashley Iaconetti’s heartthrob since she first met him in Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

She has had a major crush on him since and has even said that she manifested her relationship with Jared after he was so wishy-washy about Ashley in the beginning.

Now, as first-time parents, the two are in love with their almost six-month-old baby, Dawson Dimitri Brady Haiibon.

Despite it taking a while for their relationship to pan out and get serious, Ashley and Jared couldn’t be more in love now.

While Ashley has always been attracted to Jared’s looks, she revealed that he hasn’t always looked the way he does now.

In a photo montage from Jared’s younger years, through his teen years, into photos of him since she’s been with him, viewers can see just what Ashley is talking about.

Ashley Iaconetti shows her husband, Jared Haibon’s, physical transformation

As Ashley posts a string of pictures of her handsome Bachelor Nation alum husband, Jared, she does so in disbelief.

Ashley captioned the start of her video with a look of shock on her face as she wrote, “Never judge someone too soon.” She then added above that in a red box, “My husband is proof.”

She started by posting two photos of Jared back in his pre-teen years as a boy, and she then added pictures of teenager Jared.

Ashley then flashes forward to pictures of what her stunning husband looks like now, and the difference between them has fans and Ashley herself shaking their heads in disbelief.

She also captioned her post by saying, “A glow-up can happen at any age. [fire flame emoji].”

Bachelor Nation fans react to her video of Jared through the ages

The first person to comment exclaimed, “Good gravy that glow up hit hard!” and another stated, “I love this! It should be shown to every middle school kid!!!”

Another woman declared, “Jared was one of the most handsome on the Bachelor. Love seeing his pictures of when he was a kid and his glow-up! You two make the perfect couple!”

Fans love Ashley and Jared together.
Pic credit: @ashley_iaconneti/Instagram

Two others agreed with Ashley as they stated their own thoughts, saying, “My husband had a similar elementary school stage, and now he’s sexy af [heart-faced and fire flame emojis],” as well as, “Yes!!! Jared was Ashton then Tom Cruise!!”

One viewer even claimed, “Seriously though. How rude is it that so many men just continue to get better looking as they get older my husband is the same way and it’s honestly so annoying [laughing/crying face emoji].”

Other fans talk about their husbands aging well like Jared.
Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

As Bachelor Nation fans can’t believe Jared’s crazy transformation, it seemed as if Ashley was just as much in shock by it.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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