Ashley Iaconetti posts a video mocking herself and identifying with her baby

Ashley Iaconetti
Ashley Iaconetti can relate to Baby Dawson. Pic credit: ABC

Ashley Iaconetti is known by Bachelor Nation alums and fans alike for her never-ending supply of tears and emotional breakdowns on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

Not only that, but much of those tears on BIP revolved around Jared Haibon and his wishy-washy behavior, words, and actions on whether he liked Ashley and wanted a relationship with her.

Finally, Jared decided he was all in with Ashley, and they got engaged, were married, and recently welcomed their first baby together, Dawson Dimitri Brady Haibon. It seems that Baby Dawson has followed in his mom’s footsteps.

Ashley Iaconetti posts a like mother, like son video on her Instagram

Ashley Iaconetti recently posted a video to her Instagram page poking fun at herself and all of the clips that Bachelor Nation has out there of her breaking down in tears and sobbing.

She then went back and forth in the video with clips of her and baby Dawson crying hysterically. Ashley posted on the video, “Like Mother, Like Son?”

She also captioned the video by saying, “Do you see the resemblance?” and put the video to the song Cry Baby by Janis Joplin to further her point.

What did Bachelor Nation alums and fans say when they watched the video?

Bachelor Nation alums and fans alike thought it was hysterical and commented their thoughts and opinions on the video and Ashley making fun of herself.

Carly Waddell, who met her former husband, Evan Bass, on Bachelor in Paradise also, called it quits in December 2020, after three years of marriage. They have two children together, and recently Carly announced she was ready to start dating again. Carly, is one of Ashley’s best friends, was the first to post on Ashley’s video as she stated, “Epic.”

Raven Gates, who is married to Bachelor alum, Adam Gottschalk, recently had a baby about a month before Ashley. She replied to the video, “Oh my gosh the baby tears kill me!!!”

Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

Another Bachelor fan wrote, “Oh my gosh Ashley. I was wondering if this duet would commence (laughing/crying face emojis and red heart emoji).”

Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

It seems like Ashley and Jared are doing well regarding the parenting gig. While Ashley is not breastfeeding and has received some criticism for it, she feels like she is doing the best for herself and her body by bottle-feeding.

While finding out Tom Brady was retiring right around the time Dawson was born, Jared seemed distraught and even added Brady to Dawson’s middle name. Now Jared is ecstatic that Brady has decided to come back after all.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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