Are Tayshia and John Paul Jones still together after Bachelor In Paradise?

Tayshia and JPJ
Tayshia and JPJ appear to be going strong. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams realized that she made a mistake with John Paul Jones during Bachelor In Paradise when she broke things off with him. He told her that he loved her, but she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings. After she returned home, she realized that she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

With a camera crew in tow, she traveled to John’s house and surprised him. She told him that she missed him and wanted to explore a relationship.

But after the reunion aired on Monday night on ABC, Reality Steve tweeted that “Tayshia and JPJ are not together anymore.”

However, he may have been wrong. In follow-up tweets, Reality Steve addresses the situation, responding to a commenter who said he was posting different things on Twitter and in his column. He claimed he had a right to his opinion. But based on photos on their respective Instagram profiles, it definitely seems like Tayshia and JPJ are together and going strong.

Tayshia posted TAYPJ — a combination of their names — “for the win” as if to indicate that they were still going strong. John Paul Jones took a more subtle approach, simply writing, “Surprise!”

The photo was taken during her visit to John’s hometown, and the two wore the same clothing as they did when they filmed the segment for Bachelor In Paradise.

The two currently don’t live in the same state, so it’s possible that they will work on a long-distance relationship for now, as they try to figure out the future. Since they’ve rekindled their romance just a few weeks after leaving Mexico, they’ve only been in a relationship for about a month or two. For now, it’s about testing their dedication to one another before making big moves, including moving in together.

Bachelor In Paradise returns to ABC in summer 2020.

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