Are Paul and Karine headed for divorce? 90 Day Fiance star posts cryptic message

Paul Staehle and Karine Stevens on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Paul and Karine are hinting at divorce again. Pic credit: TLC

It’s been a long and dramatic run for Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, but now, it might all be over — if we’re to believe the latest message shared by Paul to his Instagram stories.

Earlier this week, Paul shared with 90 Day Fiance fans that his home with Karina, in Manaus, Brazil, had been robbed. He shared pictures of the rooms, which looked as if they’d been ransacked. He claimed that someone took all Karine’s stuffed animals and that even Pierre’s bathtub was missing.

Now, we’re learning even more bad news for Paul coming out of Manaus and it could be related to the ransacking of the apartment.

On Monday, Paul shared this message in his Instagram stories. The post reads “Karine iniciou o processo de divorcio em Manaus.” That translates to Karine started divorce proceedings in Manaus.

Paul's message about divorce
Paul Staehle shared this message with his followers. Pic credit: @paullasonstaehle/Instagram

There are still a lot of details that haven’t been shared. We don’t know if Paul and Karine’s apartment was really burglarized or if Karine just came and go all her stuff. Being that her prized stuffed animal collection is gone, it wouldn’t be shocking if she had just moved out.

Another thing that 90 Day Fiance fans don’t seem to be sure of is if they will actually get a divorce this time. After all, this is not the first (or the second) time that Karine has told Paul she was done with him and wanted to get a divorce.

It seems that with every season of Happily Ever After? and now, The Other Way, Karine is telling Paul that she wants to split up. With the birth of their son, Pierre, things got a bit more complicated though and Karine ended up giving Paul another shot.

The pair were even spotted living in America for some time and there were reports that they may be filming for TLC there.

With news that Karine has already started the process of divorce this time and that she did it in Manaus, it looks like it may be the real deal. Could this be the end of Paul and Karine’s marriage for good this time?

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