Are Noah and Gabe BOTH leaving Alaskan Bush People? Here’s the latest

Alaskan Bush People's Noah and fiance Rhain posing together
Alaskan Bush People’s Noah and fiance Rhain at a zoo in San Diego

Have Gabe Brown and Noah Brown BOTH left Alaskan Bush People?

That was the rumor this week after a string of reports — but are they true?

We told earlier this week how it was claimed Gabe may have quit after refusing to film new episodes.

They surfaced after fans noticed he was absent from key moments on recent episodes as the family decided on their future.

The latest episode of the Discovery show saw the Browns plan on a move to Colorado to set up a new Browntown.

They left Alaska earlier this season and temporarily moved to California so matriarch Ami Brown could undergo treatment for her cancer, which was recently said to have worsened.

Then this week reports started coming out that Gabe’s brother Noah may also be parting ways with the series.

The Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page — which regularly posts updates about the Brown family behind the scenes — put up a photo of Noah with his fiance Rhain saying how he was not filming with the family in Colorado.

They later posted another update saying: “Everyone is in Colorado, but Noah.”

However, it has now emerged that the rumors about Noah not filming with the family may NOT be true, after the page posted another update yesterday saying they had received “conflicting” information and the Brown family may not in fact have actually left California yet to move to Colorado.

Today they posted another update based on a Snapchat video by the youngest Brown sibling Rain which showed Gabe getting a facial while apparently staying in a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.

That suggests that at least some of the family are indeed still in California.

The bottom line is that while there are lots of rumors, none of them have been officially confirmed.

We reached out to Discovery recently but received no comment.

A three-hour Alaskan Bush People marathon showing the latest episodes airs tonight on Discovery.

Have you seen any members of the Brown family out and about? Let us know via at monsterscritics at gmail dot com.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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