Are Natasha Webb and Dave White on Below Deck Med dating? Here’s what we know

Dave and Natasha from Below Deck Med are sparking dating rumors.
What’s the deal with Dave and Natasha on Below Deck Med? Pic credit: Bravo

Are Natasha Webb and Dave White on Below Deck Mediterranean dating? That’s the question on fans’ minds as Season 7 heats up with some boatmance drama.

The new season of Below Deck Med is only a couple of episodes in, but so far, the crew has been bringing their A-game for entertainment.

Raygan Tyler has the deck crew in disarray, with Zee Demmpers, Storm Smith, and Jason Gaskell losing their patience with the bosun. Below Deck Mediterranean fans have deemed her the worst too.

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It’s not just the deck team that’s in chaos, either. The interior is facing some problems thanks to Dave and Natasha.

The chef and chief stew knew each other from working together on a previous yacht. Their friendship was so close that the two decided to bunk together this season.

However, things are unfolding that will impact Natasha, Dave, and the rest of the crew.

Are Natasha Webb and Dave White on Below Deck Med Season 7 dating?

To answer the question, are Dave and Natasha dating? It’s complicated for sure. Below Deck Mediterranean viewers watched them smooch and cuddle in their cabin in the very first episode.

Despite their super affectionate ways with each other, Natasha and Dave are not in a relationship. The chef wants to be in one, and that’s where things get tricky.

Dave revealed at the end of Episode 2 that he does want to be in a relationship with Natasha. In his confessional, the chef explained Natasha wanted to keep the fact they hooked up on their last yacht a secret.

But wait, it gets even juicer with these two, thanks to poor Jason, who found himself in the midst of Dave and Natasha’s drama.

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Dave White and Natasha Webb might be dating

A preview for Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 3 reveals that Natasha cheated on her boyfriend with Dave on their other yacht. Natasha’s guy was also a cheater, but she still wanted to keep her hook up with the chef private.

According to Dave, they agreed to keep their romance a secret until after the first week of filming. Then, they would announce they were dating.

The preview clip shows Natasha annoyed Dave was spilling some tea on Natalya Scudder, so she turns her attention to Jason. Drunk Dave gets angry and goes in on Jason, upsetting Natasha even more.

Those who have watched Episode 3 early on Peacock know things get worse then better then bad again for Dave and Natasha. Let’s just say their bathroom plays an interesting role in the episode, which adds more confusion to the state of their relationship.

Dave White and Natasha Webb are definitely having a boatmance on Below Deck Med Season 7. As for how that relates to dating or a relationship, that remains to be seen.

To watch the full preview clip click here.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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