Are Jordan and Jenna still together? What happened after Bachelor In Paradise?

Jordan and Jenna on Bachelor In Paradise
Jordan and Jenna are making headlines over new gossip after Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper were one of the three final couples on Bachelor In Paradise and viewers were convinced that they would be getting engaged.

During the finale, Jordan did get down on one knee to propose marriage to Jenna. By all accounts, everything was going just fine for the couple as they both seemed thrilled about getting engaged.

But Reality Steve just dropped a major news piece this afternoon regarding Jenna Cooper. In the article, he claims that Jenna only went on Bachelor In Paradise to boost her business. He also explains that he had received text message screenshots from a man, who claims he was used just like Jordan.

This person remains nameless, but he supposedly provided Reality Steve with text messages, saying that she was only engaged to Jordan because of the show. She also revealed that she would do something to make Kimball look bad, end the engagement publicly, and then they could be together.

In his article, Reality Steve provided the screenshots. But it didn’t take long for his readers to pinpoint some issues with the article.

Several readers claimed that the text messages were fake and photoshopped, as they noticed a white line down the side of the pictures. Reality Steve has yet to address these claims, but he did write in the article that he made sure to verify the text messages and the phone number associated with it. It belongs to Jenna Cooper.

In addition, some of Reality Steve’s followers pointed out that perhaps people were in on it. They even guessed that everything had been a publicity stunt and that Jordan knew about it.

Chris Randone was quick to tweet that he wanted justice for Jordan. Neither Jenna nor Jordan have said anything about the situation.

Reality Steve reveals that he really doesn’t know whether or not Jordan knew about the other guy, who ended up reaching out to him. In addition, Jordan deleted all pictures of Jenna on his Instagram and she did the same with pictures of Jordan. One thing is for sure – Bachelor In Paradise fans are feeling horrible for Jordan.

The Bachelor In Paradise finale airs tonight on ABC, meaning the show won’t return until next summer.

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1 year ago

Jordan is arrogant and self absorbed. Child boy!