Are Jesse and Maria a couple now? Darcey Silva’s ex teases appreciation ring, says he’s cool with Caesar Mack

Jesse and Maria
Jesse posted another picture with Maria and made it sound like they are an item. Pic credit: TLC

Ever since Jesse Meester met up with Maria in Barcelona, he’s been posting about it. But it’s the latest post that has many 90 Day Fiance fans wondering if the two are a couple now.

The photo is from Barcelona, when Jesse and Maria sat down for a photoshoot. He’s posted similar photos and even video so we know it’s not new. Plus, Jesse has already announced that he’s back in New York City after being robbed of his watches, Louis Vuitton backpack and his passport.

Are Jesse and Maria a couple?

In the caption of the latest photo of Jesse and Maria, he wrote, “That awkward moment when you’re about to gift her the infamous 2 CT @meesterstore ‘appreciation ring’ but you just got robbed from all your jewelry and the beautiful scenery is all you have left to offer.”

Jesse even tagged Maria in the post, thanking her for being such a good sport and a good “friend.” Who knew that the Before the 90 Days cast members were good friends.

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90 Day Fiance fans will also be familiar with the “infamous appreciation ring” as that’s exactly what Jesse Meester gifted to Darcey Silva on Season 1 of Before the 90 Days. He didn’t give her the much-coveted engagement ring or even a promise ring.

Instead, Jesse gave Darcey an appreciation ring. And now he’s teasing that he was planning to give one to Maria too. Does that mean they are a couple or is it possible that Jesse is just using his surprise visit with Maria to sell more jewelry from his Meester Store?

What would Caesar Mack say?

Even though Maria was clearly never into Caesar Mack, those who followed the last season of Before the 90 Days can’t help but feel bad for the guy. After all, Caesar was head over heels in love with Maria.

Now, she took the time to travel to Spain and meet up with Jesse. After years of back and forth, Caesar couldn’t even pull off a meeting.

So when Jesse’s comment section started filling up with concern for Caesar, he talked about that too. In the comments section of the photo with Maria, Jesse wrote, “@caesar_mack and I are cool! We talk in the dm and has nothing to do with this post.”

Maria can’t wait to tell her truth

Something else we’ve learned recently is that Maria isn’t going away anytime soon. Now that 90 Day Fiance fans know who she is, the Ukrainian blonde bombshell seems to be enjoying a bit of fame.

Maria recently started letting 90 Day Fiance fans follow on her personal Instagram account. She even told them in the caption of a photo, “So many things I want to share and tell my truth finally!!!? And I hope somehow you will see another side of this story.Real story. My story.”

Will Maria’s story start to involve Jesse Meester?

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