Are Francesca Farago and Damian Powers from Perfect Match still together?

Damian and Francesca IG selfies
Damian and Francesca explored taking their friendship to the next level on Perfect Match. Pic credit: @damian__powers/@francescafarago/Instagram

Francesca Farago and Damian Powers attempted to take their friendship to the next level and paired up during Perfect Match, but is the duo still an item?

Netflix’s wildly popular relationship series, Perfect Match, has reality TV fans binge-watching to find out which couples can match up and find real love, becoming the most compatible couple in the group.

Among the cast are Canadian native Francesca and German-born Damian, who share a history. Love Is Blind viewers will remember Francesca’s appearance on After the Altar when she made a surprise appearance after Damian’s relationship with Giannina Gibelli fell through.

Now that they’re on another reality TV show together, the friends explored their options in an effort to find true love among a group of fellow good-looking and successful singles.

Francesca matched with Dom Gabriel off the bat, and the two seemed to have a shot at winning the title of the most compatible couple. However, Francesa made a bold move in the board room when she chose to bring in Damian and see if they had any chemistry beyond their friendship.

“I found out Damian was on the board, I think, [after] the first challenge,” Francesca told Us Weekly. “I forget who went in first, but I found out he was on the board pretty early on.”

Francesca Farago and Damian Powers tried their hand at love on Perfect Match

Admittedly, Francesca’s decision hindered the possibility of furthering her relationship with Dom, despite the strong connection they shared.

And although they lacked a romantic spark, Francesca says she and Dom share a “great friendship” today.

With more episodes still coming from Perfect Match, viewers were left with a cliffhanger as Francesca pulled yet another risky move when she left Damian behind to explore a romance with Abbey Humphreys.

So, did Francesca’s time with Abbey solidify her feelings for Damian, or did they lose their spark?

What are Francesca and Damian’s relationship statuses?

Neither Francesca nor Damian have made mention of their relationship status on social media. But, judging by Francesca’s Instagram feed, she and Damian are no longer an item.

Francesca is currently in a relationship with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. In a post dated February 10, 2023, Francesca proclaimed in a carousel post, “lovveee being in love?,” including several photos of herself and Jesse canoodling and holding hands, looking very smitten with each other.

Jesse first posted pics with Francesca on Instagram in August 2022. And it looked like things were pretty serious from the start – in a post from last summer, Jesse told his followers of his lady love, “She’s the best person I know and I cannot wait to get down on one knee for her.”

Damian does not mention his relationship status on his Instagram feed, either, and hasn’t shared any photos with himself and Francesca.

So, for any Perfect Match viewers hoping that Francesca and Damian had what it took to make a romance work, it looks like they can hang up the idea for now. And although the show has proven that anything can happen, filming has already ended, and it looks as though Francesca has found her perfect match… just not on reality TV.

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on February 28.

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