Are 90 Day Fiance newbies Clayton and Anali still together? Here’s what Anali had to say

anali vallejos and clayton clark confessionals
Anali and Clayton joined Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s often hard to tell whether the couples from 90 Day Fiance are still together despite them sharing their storylines with viewers.

That happens to be the case with Season 10 couple Anali Vallejos and Clayton Clark, but we’ve gotten an answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

Anali and Clayton are sharing their love story with TLC viewers this season, and it looks like these two have a lot to work on if they are going to make it to the altar.

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Anali, a native of Peru, has arrived in the U.S. to live with Clayton in his home state of Kentucky… as well as his guinea pigs, his dogs, and his mom, who lives in his closet.

Anali wasn’t exactly thrilled about living in such a cramped space with so many other roommates, and it put a damper on her and Clayton’s sex life.

On top of that, Anali’s father doesn’t know about her relationship with Clayton, and Clayton’s sister is skeptical about Anali’s intentions.

So, what could possibly go wrong between these two, right?

Anali Vallejos responds to a 90 Day Fiance viewer who wants to know if she’s single

Naturally, Anali and Clayton’s relationship woes have raised some eyebrows, and 90 Day Fiance fans want to know whether they’re still going strong.

During an Instagram Story Q&A, Anali opened up to her fans and followers about her and Clatyon’s love life and why she opted not to share any photos of them together online.

One of Anali’s questions read, “Why you don’t upload pictures with your husband (just one) ??”

Anali obliged and uploaded a photo of herself and Clayton (although we’re not certain they’re officially husband and wife just yet) and explained that because of NDAs, they’re restricted.

“We have a confidentiality contract, we cannot upload photos because it could reveal what things are happening without it having been broadcast on TV!” Anali shared.

anali vallejos talked about her relationship with clayton clark in her instagram stories
Anali was obscure when asked about her and Clayton’s relationship status. Pic credit: @anali.vallejos/Instagram

“Besides, you don’t know what is happening with our lives,” Anali added. “You don’t know if we continue or not.”

Of course, Anali’s response left us with more questions than we began with, and so did her answer to the next question.

When asked whether she is single, Anali replied, “You need to continue watching the show!”

Are Clayton Clark and Anali still together?

The status of Clayton and Anali’s relationship remains a mystery, and although Anali isn’t sharing photos of herself and Clayton on Instagram, he is.

Clayton hasn’t been shy about plastering his Instagram feed with couples’ photos. The first time he hard-launched his and Anali’s relationship was in September 2023.

The lovebirds posed for a selfie as Anali planted a kiss on Clayton’s cheek.

Most recently, Anali made an appearance alongside Clayton’s friend, Kameron, and his girlfriend during their trip to San Diego.

The photo was posted just last month, in December 2023, and was captioned, “Uncomfortable conversations. Relationships strengthened. We’ll be back, San Diego.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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