Annemarie Wiley defends husband after he slams RHOBH castmates

RHOBH star Annemarie Wiley on WWHL 2024
Annemarie Wiley defends her husband Marcellus Wiley. Pic credit: Bravo Media

Annemarie Wiley’s husband Marcellus Wiley wasn’t too happy that his wife was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after one season on the show.

So a few days ago he took to social media to drag her castmates Crystal Minkoff and Garcelle Beauvais, who by the way, have absolutely nothing to do with her exit.

Nonetheless, Marcellus had a lot to get off his chest in defense of his wife, and now it’s her turn to defend her man.

Annemarie did just that during a recent interview where she was asked about her husband’s harsh words towards her costars.

However, if you were expecting an apology on his behalf, don’t hold your breath.

The RHOBH newbie reasoned that Marcellus’ behavior was simply that of a husband defending his wife.

Annemarie Wiley defends her husband after he slams her costars on social media

The RHOBH star had an interview with Carlos King after she announced her exit from the show, and at one point her husband became a topic of conversation.

Carlos asked about Marcellus’ recent rant about Crystal and Garcelle, but she brushed it off as a normal reaction for her spouse to come to her defense.

“It’s a husband defending his wife, that’s it!” reasoned Annemarie. “He’s not emotionally charged by it at all. He’s just a husband defending his wife, which, you know, that’s what they do.”

Annemarie Wiley talks about her RHOBH exit after one season

The newly fired RHOBH star confessed that she was disappointed about not being asked back.

However, the Daily Mail later reported that it was her political views that got her fired from the show.

Supposedly, the 41-year-old clashed with castmates, Crystal and Garcelle over her support of Donald Trump, but those scenes were allegedly omitted from the show.

However, Annemarie denied those claims noting that she never had any conversations with her now-former castmates about politics.

“Garcelle and Crystal made a comment that you were allegedly let go because of your right-wing beliefs and that you are a Trump support,” Carlos bluntly exclaimed. “Are you a Trump supporter?”

“I am not a Trump supporter,” responded Annemarie. “When I saw that it just, it goes to show you how people can say anything they want to and it gets traction.”

“We’ve never even had that conversation,” she continued. “No one’s ever even asked me about my political views and beliefs.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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2 months ago

people will literally say anything for attention. garcelle and crystal need to exit the show as well.

Nora Spencer
Nora Spencer
2 months ago

Glad Annamarie is not coming back! She’s very 2-faced & thinks she knows everything. She came in at the get-go stabbing Crystal in the back about a private conversation they had. Who needs a friend like that. As a Black woman, it pi**ed me off!